June 16, 2024

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Miss Supranational Cameroon 2010: The winner falsifies her height.

Miss Supranational Cameroon: La Miss falsifie sa toiseThe Sama Ndango Show and Miss Supranational is an inspirational, educative and entertainment reality TV show conceptualised by Mora Moda Limited http://mora-moda.com, a talent agency based in Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The Cameroon edition of the show started in June 2010. Estelle Crescence Essame who reached the pinnacle out of the 16 contestants on Thursday the 24th was disqualified losing her crown of Miss  Supranational Cameroon to the benefit of Johanna Lois Medjo Akamba, her first runner-up. Estelle Crescence was disqualified for inconsistency. According to Sylva Ebelle d’Isango, a communication agent  of Miss Supranational,  she indicated her height upon registration as 1 m71 which was evidenced in her National Identity Card. When the World Beauty Association (WBA) contacted them for the formal certificates of the winner of Miss Supranational Cameroon to be sent, it was discovered at the police station that she was 1m 67. She was disqualified thus missing her chance of representing Cameroon at that international finals in Poland this August.

The WBA requires that candidates for the crown of Miss World International Supranational have the height of at least 1m70. On this basis, Estelle Crescence Essame could only lose her crown to Johanna Lois Medjo Akamba who is 1m 80.

Johanna is  a holder of Baccalaureate  series D, a third-year student in economics and management at the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC).

Other results;

1ère dauphine?: Denise Prisca Boufang Simo
2ème dauphine?: Dalil Zeinam
3ème dauphine?: Marie Françoise Omengue Noah