July 20, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Trackzone Records in shambles.

Trackzone records, a Buea-based record label with artists like Big Mich, KT Rap, Mayar, Sparx the Virus and Young Jerry in its book now seems to be defunct. The studio has  not been operational for about 3 months now. The CEO of the label, confided to NexDim that he was planning to expand the studio and get more professional studio  equipments but according to some sources, the mismanagement of funds is the reason behind the seal.

This may be frustrating for a young gospel artist like Mayar,  who had engaged on a recording project under the record label.

We however look forward to meeting the CEO for an explanation.

There are other rumours about a studio love drama I would not like to mention here.

Some artists under this label express their discontentment about the the state of affairs as Trackzone Records was already gaining credibility and brand awareness.