June 17, 2024

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NexDim meets FREDASH, CEO of Fredash Modeling Agency

NexDim interviewed Fredash , a beauty photographer and CEO of Fredash Modeling Agency.

Hello. How are you.

I’m fine. Thank you.

”Fredash” . What are your real names

I’m called Nemfor Alfred.

When did you start professional photography?

”I started professional photography in 2003. I had always admired the art of photography and creativity.”

Tell us about your baby , Fredash modeling agency.

”Freddashmodels is a modeling agency founded in 2009 with just 5 models in its books. We are a still growing agency which from every indication will grow up to become the largest and most successful modeling agency in Cameroon, Africa and one of the top and most valued in the world.

Describe your journey to becoming  the  proprietor of a modeling agency.

” I indulged into modeling in 2007, I was a model my self, I went in for competitions all over the nation. I also worked with other groups of people who  trained models. I came to realize that we have lots of talents and beauty here in Cameroon and we have very few modeling agencies. So I decided start up  a professional modeling agency

What categories of models do you deal with?

”Freddashmodels operates  3 divisions namely the Female models, Male Models and teen models. Our models are trained to do adverts, parades, prints, and other commercials.”

What makes your agency special?

”We have a flawless and responsible attitude towards our models. Our company is determined to nurture and develop their long-term careers whilst ensuring that they do not run before they can walk. We treat all models as individuals and put their care, safety and happiness above everything. A model’s well-being is our unconditional interest.”

How many models do you have in your agency so far?

For now we have over 18 fully registered models.

How can you measure your success so far?

We sent in 6 of our models for Miss Cameroon regional finals and 3 made it to the national finals in Yaounde last April. We also went in for Miss BEACH competition that took place at SEME BEACH HOTEL and won the 1st and 2nd prize.

We had echoes of the Fredash VIP Show at Chariot hotel. How did it go?

”Yea. We had a V I P fashion show at Chariot Hotel on May 29th, it was very successful with 3 designers, about 5 artists and many more. We also had representatives from Marken Erickson from Douala and from many other companies.”

Have you been in contact or have you been collaborating with other modeling agencies in Cameroon?

”Yes. We have been in contact with other modeling agencies home and abroad and we intend to work in close collaboration with these agencies.”

It’s sometimes difficult dealing with females. How do you deal with your female models.

[laughs] Yea definitely. Sometimes it’s very hard to work with females. It’s just a matter of understanding  them and let them understand you. With that all will be fine.

Do their parents approve ?

I have talked to some of their parents and they are quite aware of it. Some of the parents came for our last show.

What are your future prospects?

”Our aim is to capture the advertising market in Cameroon and West Africa, be on Billboards, TV Commercial and many more.”

Thanks for your time.

I appreciate this opportunity.