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Cameroonian makossa star Longue Longue Simon famous for his breakthrough hit song “Ayo Africa” and a myriad of successful songs to his credit has speedily garnered an incredibly large following on social media. The advent of going Live on Facebook is the artist’s most powerful tool to create buzz and attention for himself. Dubbed Longue Longue TV on Facebook , Le “liberateur” amasses thousands of followers daily with his usual intro “Connectez-Vous, Connectez-Vous mirthfully rephrased by fans “Collectez-Vous, collectez-vous”. 

Longue Longue has used this medium to divulge secrets , throw jabs at other artists, expose his lifestyle , flaunt his acquired property , contracts and money.

However , a plethora of fans think he’s mentally ill or depressed and deserves to marry Clarisse Wopso who is also behaving starbgel

Apart from calling President Tchop a paedophile, attacking Lady Ponce for owing him money, insulting Petit Pays and Richard Bona, in a recent live video on Facebook and other media platforms like “Disons Tout” on Equinox TV , the “Kirikou” singer made a shocking declaration that Comedian Fingon Tralala stole his 2500 Euro-worth chain 7 years ago. 

This video has gone viral igniting a reactions and a heated feud between them. 

The video provoked the France-based comedian to react debunking the accusation. He angrily promised to face Longue Longue whenever her returns to Cameroon to settle scores. During an interview, Fingon recounts how Longue Longue stole eye glasses and a mobile phone in Paris that was later discovered in his underwear after being searched. 

Though entertaining and trendy , it is quite evident that Longue Longue’ s live videos have rather been creating a stale atmosphere for him, and inflaming more enmity. 

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Pionaire  songstress Mel B Akwen just dropped her new banging single “Blessings” featuring “Le Liberateur” Longue Longue. It’s quite intriguing to see two generations merging to create thia artistry.  The song is an appreciation for God’s boundless blessings . Produced by Phillbill Beatz. 

Enjoy ! 

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Makossa star Longue Longue is known for his uncouth attitude.  He was the first to throw sand into the taxi driver’s eyes, after a little dispute infront of his residence at PK 12 in Douala. Apparently, he has been preventing the circulation of taxis infront of his residence. This met a stiff resistance by this taxi driver . The argument escalated into a fight involving Longue Longue and his brother against the taxi driver.

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Longue Longue: Down and out?

Posted In: Profile by Nchanji

The year is 2001 and a newcomer is riding the wave of success thanks to the track Ayo Africa. His name is Longue Longue. The Douala -based artist took the entertainment scene by surprise with his rythmic Makossa, his activist messages and personality. Hardly had he arrived that he was already hailed the ‘Liberator” by fans who saw him as a breath of fresh air on the moribund Cameroonian music scene. Fast track to 2003 and he does it again. His second album ‘Privatisation” is at the top of the charts and his star status is sealed. He is the toast of the entertainment circuit, performing all over the country. The guy’s talent is undeniable. Two years later and baam, there is a new twist in this seemingly perfect storyline. In 2005, the artist is accused of and arrested for raping his companion’s 17-yr old niece. That seemed like the end of the party as henceforth Longue starts flirting with scandal and controversy. In addition to his ongoing rock’n’roll with the law, rumours surface alleging that he slept with a bosom friend’s girlfriend. He is later sentenced to jail for his French indiscretion. While he is paying his dues to society, one question that pundits are asking is this: was that miss his last hit or should we be expecting more hits, sometime in 2019, from the man who sang ” Je ne mourrai pas”.

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Makossa star Longue Longue has disappointed his legion of fans.The one who said he was the liberator has just been slammed an 8- year jail sentence in France. This is the culmination of the rape scandal in which he was embroiled recently with his Cameroonian born French companion who accused him of raping her 17- year old niece.While some talk of a conspiracy,one thing is sure: Kirikou seems to have lost this battle.


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Longue Longue released from prison

Posted In: Gossip, NEWS by The Administrator

Cameroonian music celebrity , Longue Longue who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on September 16th 2010 at The Bordeaux Court of First Instance has been released . According to our source,the singer received an aid of  11000 euros (7 205 000 Fcfa) from Samuel Eto’o while his friends supported him with the sum of 4000 euros (2 620 000 Fcfa).

”The self-proclaimed Liberator has finally been liberated ” .

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The criminal court of Gironde on Friday condemned the Cameroonian singer, Longue Longue to 10 years imprisonment for raping an underage girl in 2004.

Longue Longue , whose real names are  Simon Longkana Agno who was detained in prison in Gradignan, appeared in private on Thursday and Friday before the jury in Gironde on charges of  raping  his wife’s niece, then aged 16 years. Chantal Ebene Mbassi whom Longue Longue married filed the suit  in 2005.

According to our source, the girl came with her aunt in the Bordeaux region to be cured of cancer when she was only 10 years.

A complaint had been filed in 2005 and the musician was arrested and indicted. He made three and a half months of detention before being freed under judicial supervision.

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After ”Kirikou est tout petit comme ça, mais il est fort ”, Longue Longue is back with a brand new video  ”je ne mourrais pas’ extracted from his album ”A bas le Juda” released this year.


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