July 12, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Leaked WhatsApp voice notes of an altercation between artists and close friends Adamou Shopping and LONGUE LONGUE have gone viral on social media.

Adamou Shopping is indignant at Longue Longue’s attitude , calling him egoistic for having sex with two prostitutes simultaneously in his residence without letting him have of them.
Adamou who was erotic and frustrated says it’s was an unfair treatment from LONGUE LONGUE .
The sex workers demanded 100,000 frs ( 50.000 frs each) , which Longue Longue agreed to pay. Leaving the snack bar , Amadou proposed they should rather go to his house.
While at Adamou’s house , he cunningly  proposed 30,000 frs to have one of them but they unanimously refused, insisting on 50.000 frs.  His attempts to use force were futile.

“Le Liberateur” , whose 100, 000 frs had been cashed in , went ahead to have serial sex with both prostitutes in the presence of Adamou regardless of his arousal and later used his “Tangui” to wash off their mess.
In a viral live video , Longue Longue has reacted by saying Adamou is very dishonest , sly and criminal ; he tried to use tricks to have sex with the girls for free. That he should’ve rather paid for watching a live pornographic movie.
Longue Longue also declared in the live video  that he isn’t homosexual but if he’s given 2000 euro (1.3 million frs) in Europe to have anal sex with a man , he won’t hesitate to do it, considering it isn’t different from anal sex with a woman.

Les choses a verifier !

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