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onian film maker Kang Quintus hitherto known for directing has changed roles for the soon-to-be released movie “Rage“. In the upcoming Akum Macauley – directed flick, Kang Quintus gets in front of the camera and plays the role of a crime boss. It is worth noting that for this particular project, he had his hands in many pies as he equally wrote the screenplay and produced. Baam“s Adele Clarice equally puts her acting talents to this test. See her performance in the movie”s teaser below.



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The Cameroon film industry keeps making formidable strides to breach a disparity by instilling creativity and professionalism in the craft of film production. CEA winner for Best Actor and prolific film-maker, Kang Qunitus presents to us a mind-blowing and action-packed movie titled ”CRUSH” . 


Tamara (Addy Ngonde) is diagosed of a deadly disease and has just 60 days to live. With the intention of grooming someone that will love her child (Janell Ngonde) and Husband (Kang Quintus), she convinces old time friend Tina (Mairo Sanda) to move in with her. Tina comes in to set the house on FIRE and the Doctor (Jan Karremans) makes the unexpected happen. Is it all about Obsession?

Enjoy the trailer !


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The trailer of the new Kang Quintus film “Critical point” is now available. It was released worldwide yesterday April 4. The film was shot in locations in Belgium and Holland. After premieres slated for Germany, Holland and the U.S.A , it will be released this month. The film features makossa star Samy Diko and Ghanian actor Samuel  Ruffy Quansah. After scriptwriting and lead roles in various films, the Belgium- based filmmaker has obviously taken his passion for movies to the next level. While waiting for the film proper,watch this trailer for an idea of how he has managed that transition from in front to behind the camera.

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