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The conception of Chillen Music Television “CMTV” was initiated by its proprietor and Director Nkwain Ettiene Chiambah (Master Chill). With his music background, he had been observing the industry,with peculiar interest on English speaking Cameroon. As time went on, he gathered that anglophone Cameroon has a lot of talent, but lacks a means by which this talent can be promoted.

Mindful of the “hypodermic needle effect” of the media, its ability to set the agenda and prioritize issues in peoples minds, Master Chill figured that the media is the only push force that

can successfully awaken the public”s love and attention towards their home-based products.

In a bid to materialize this dream for Cameroon, he stroke a partnership with other stakeholders who had the same interest. However when the idea reached the point of execution, his partners backed out because they had a premonition of the huge sacrifices of resources and finances required in that venture.

Despite the odds, CMTV came to life in late April 2012 and has recently launched its first program outline which is revisable, to suit the wants of its viewership.Also, it presently has a good number of staff working relentlessly to make the station achieve its goals.

What distinguishes CMTV from other television stations is its focus on entertainment.This makes CMTV the only purely entertainment television in English speaking Cameroon


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Afro hip hop Buea based artist of  Pirip Records label and under Chillen Muzic production house Witty Minstrel has just released ‘Weti be ma name’ alongside ‘Lah’yeer’ ( our house) and ‘Molyko’ whose videos will be officially released by the end of this month as promo hit for the upcoming Mbai Tai album.

‘Weti be ma Name’  is out to let the people know about him and worthy enough, ‘Molyko’ now serves as a jingle in the famous South West  regional broadcasting house MCFM Buea.

With the mixage of western beats spiced with lyrics characterised in  pidgin english which is gradually gaining much popularity in camer music industry alongside the banso vernacular, Witty has carved a niche for himself.



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Born in 2004, Chillen Muzic Entertainment has incredibly become one of the top production houses in Cameroon having an impressive repertoire of videos and audios . 26-years-old  CEO ,  Chi Ettiene Nkwain a.k.a Master Chill has been instrumental in influencing the growth of  the urban music movement around English speaking Cameroon working with a plethora of artists in the lights of Groovy, Steveslil, Dr Sley, Sharen, Nabyl 4 Real, Jedi, Jerry Cleo, etc , his most remarkable product being ”Hot Kwacocco” by Dr. Kapt released this year . His primary objective is to upgrade Hip hop in Cameroon to the most amazing level. This stride is inherent in his recent works.

”If you are not a don in the house, you better get off this building , coz the roof is about to blow”

It will definitely be quite exciting for you to visit their official Youtube channel via this link :

Enjoy  some alluring videos produced by Chillen Muzic !


Tel : (237) 77 29 13 00

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Buea-based Afro Hip Hop artist , Dr Kapt is currently promoting his brand new album titled ”Hot Kwacoco”. This 14 tracks album is a masterpiece you’ll certainly love to listen . His ingenuity in blending local slang, pidgin, English  and local languages in his flow is simply unique and original to him.  ”What if” is one of those songs enjoying the highest airplay of local radio stations around  English-speaking Cameroon.  This album is available in stores now. If you are interested in grabbing a copy of this album, feel free to contact us on or call +237 77 29 13 00


Ma Ndamba[audio:]

What if[audio:]

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Kukwa Anthony Tufon A.k.a DR KAPT is a Buea based Afro-Hip Hop sensation . He is currently a Postgraduate Bio Chemistry student at the University of Buea.

Dr Kapt is a hybrid of Hip Hop and afro-rap with a unique lyrical ability. His 13 tracks debut studio album ”HOT KWACOCO’‘ was released on Friday 4th  June 2010 under CHILLEN MUZIC and keeps blazing the airwaves.

His songs delve into the realities of our day to day lives with original vibes embellished in pidgin, dialect and English Language . Self-created slangs like ‘browse your folder”, ”I go wire you fire” and more are recurrent in his songs.

I bought this album during his album launch at the University of Buea and I ‘m addicted to songs like ”Disorder” and ”What If”.

Grab a copy of this album and pick your favourite.

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Hey people, here is a brand new video fresh out Chillen Muzic Entertainment, directed by  Master Chill NkwainDr Kapt is an afro-hip hop artist signed under the Chillen Muzic label. Remember the polemics about him getting a swift preference over Sharen, who had to be released first. Sharen’s album is yet to be released after serious anticipation from the public after the release of his single ” Make you Dance’‘. However, Dr Kapt is a lyrically original  artist with a witty delivery in pidgin english blended with some ”cameroonian jargons” and an incredible performer. His album  ”Hot Kwacoco” shall be launched on Friday, the 4th of June at Amphi 250, University of Buea.

DON’T MISS OUT !! Copies of this album shall exclusively be distributed by Chillen Muzic, Buea  and our NexDim  online networks.


Dial: +237 77291300  or

Enjoy this teaser!!

DR Kapt – ”Disorder”   ft Sharen

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