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1- Best Gospel Artist : Sister Elizabeth Teke

2- Best Collaboration : Koh Koh — Sine feat. Jovi

3- Best Female Artist : Naomi Achu

4- Best Male Artist : Dr Sley

5- Best New Artist : Sine

6- Best Folklore : Ateh Bazore
7- Best Makossa : Petit Pays
8- Best Bikutsi : Lady Ponce
9- Best Jazz : Andy Allo
10- Album of the Year : X-Mayela-tous Ensemble
11- Best Music Group : X-Mayela
12- Best Music Video : Don for Kwat..Jovi
13- Music Producer of the Year : Le Monstre
14- Best Rap Act : Jovi
15 – Best Reggae Artist : Dr Sley
16- Best RnB : Sine
17- Pan Africa Artist of the Year : Viviane Ndour
18 – Pan African People’s choice : J-Martins
19 – Best World Music : Irma
20- Best International Collaboration : Patience Dabany / Petit Pays / X-Mayela


  1. Actress in Leading Role – Taka Tanni
  2. Actress in Supporting Role -Trina Takoh
  3. Actor in Leading Role – Kang Quintus
  4. Actor in Supporting Role -Yusimbom Eugene
  5. Best Movie / Picture -Land of Shadows
  6. Best Script -The Blues Kingdom
  7. Best Director – Neba Lawrence
  8. Best Producer -Agbor Gilbert Ebot
  9. People’s Choice Award -Penjo Pete
  10. Pan African Actor of the Year – Jim Ike

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The just-ended CEA registered a positive remark on the thrilling performances by Cameroonian artists like Luxland, Naomi Achu ,Myra Maimoh and Maybelle Boma. The girly girly” R&B crooner Luxland performed alongside BsCarz and Dablu .


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The embers of the highly-anticipated inaugural edition of Cameroon Entertainment Awards (CEA) are gradually dwindling and the appraisal has been positive so far. The list of the winners shall be published here in the days ahead. NexDim presents to you some stunning photos of the event courtesy of the organising team of Cameroon Entertainment Awards 2012. Stay tuned for updates.


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Foreign communities leading in ticket purchase

Entry tickets for the maiden edition of the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA have been on sale for quite some time now. Initially sold at $100, the price has dropped to $50 to enable guests come to the event in their numbers. According to the Executive Producers of CEA, Maybelle Boma and Anne Etape, Americans who recently discovered their roots in Cameroon and commonly known as CamAmericans now are leading the CEA ticket purchase. This group would unconditionally endorse any initiative aimed at building and safeguarding the image of Cameroon, a probable reason why they have engaged the ticking buying with no resentment.
Interestingly, other African communities, especially those with fellow compatriots as nominees have been on a mad rush for CEA tickets. The Executive Producers report that thanks to Majid Michael, nominated in the best Pan African actor category, Ghanaians living in the USA have been picking up the

CEA tickets in their numbers.
On the other hand, Nigerians and Senegalese have launched a CEA ticket purchase competition and are rushing for them. In short, reports say these communities have pulled out the greatest number of CEA tickets from the sales box so far. Explaining this trend, CEA organizers see the presence of P-Square (nominated in the best Pan African artist category), Akon and Viviane N’dour (same category) and Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Jim Iyke and Stella Damasus (best Pan African actress) as reason for the massive purchase of tickets by Nigerians and Senegalese respectively.
Ticket procurement: Cameroonians feet-drawing
Cameroonians have been procuring CEA tickets since the launch of sales. They have expressed a lot of interest in the event and are doing everything to be part of history-making. Yet, according to sales records, they are still trailing their counterparts from Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. They are however expected to pick up, especially as the event draws near.

Tickets cost drops by 50%
Initially sold for $100, the cost of the CEA entry ticket has been dropped to $50. According to Maybelle Boma, Executive Producer, this reduction is meant to enable as many guests as possible show up for the event they so bad await. The reduction went into effect on June 6 2012 and will run till June 30. From July 1, 2012, the cost of the tickets will return to $100 and at that time will be limited.
Official trailer hits airwave on June 15
The official trailer of the Cameroonian Entertainment Awards, CEA is being produced in studio and will be released on June 15. According to Maybelle Boma, the release of the trailer will put things on a higher gear. Meantime, some goodwill and well-wishing Cameroonian producers in the US have prepared and youtube tentative trailers for the event. The CEA organizing team is appreciative of this kind gesture which according to them is an exciting show of solidarity and concern for the event that seeks to promote Cameroon.


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As a build-up to the Cameroon Entertainment Award, the CEA is making public the decision to recognize the following Cameroonians with honorary awards – Samuel Eto’o Fils (footballer), Roger Milla (former football and Roving Ambassador), Manu Dibango (musician), Richard Bona (musician), Angelle Kwemo, Legislative Counsel to US Congressman Bobby L. Rush, Dr Fobi (Batriatic Surgeon), Les Nubians (musicians), Dr David Makongo (Legal expert and transcontinental business promoter), Nganje Kinge Monono (UN staff).The honorary award is not a contested category but meant to pay tribute to people who have given much to their country through their skills, works, etc.
Samuel Eto’o : Outstanding Cameroonian in sports for the decade
It’s hard to stay mute on a glaringly outstanding performance in a game, often referred to as ‘king sports’. To say Cameroonians’ love for football has grown ten folds within the last decade, thanks to Eto’o is no exaggeration. His captivating play style and extra-ordinary scoring ability both in the national team and at club level quickly caught the attention of the world. But shining and distinguishing himself amongst some of the finest footballers of all times has made his story even more palatable.
It would be difficult to forget the joy Eto’o brought to your country after scoring those beautiful goals that fetched Cameroon trophies such as the African Cup of Nations consecutively in 2000 and 2002 and the football Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympic Games.
It’s really so hard to forget the warmth he placed on the hearts of millions of Cameroonian football lovers each time you brought them together to savour his European Champions League show.
That his show has been an endless inspiration to scores of Cameroonian children who would press their fingers on the table to become football icons like Eto’o is something to write home about. That Cameroon has remained in the limelight of this prestigious game and will always be glorified via his performance is something to be proud about. Perhaps, his largesse and humanitarian projects have made Eto’o a complete and accomplished celebrity. These and more are the whys Cameroon Entertainment Awards is recognizing him on this special day.
Roger Milla: Lifetime achievement in sports Read More

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It’s now certain that Gabonese star singer Patience Debany will be physically present in Washington DC on July 28, 2012 to assume her prestigious position as “Mother of the CEA Awards”. The singer who has been in the US has confirmed her participation in the event which to her is a true sign of love for country, sub region and continent. Executive producers Maybelle Boma and Anne Etape have been speaking with Debany’s manager and the latter has indicated that everything is in place to have the artiste hit the CEA music stage come July 28.
It is an uncontested assertion that the love and admiration Cameroonians have shown for Patience Debany is exceptional and has not commonly happened to others of late. The singer has created a record of fame in Cameroon that will not be beaten so soon. No sooner had On Vous Connait, her hit track reached Cameroon, than it sent the entire country on a chanting spree. For once we witnessed a Cameroon that had everyone chanting the same song at the same time.
It was such a great honor that Debany’s On Vous Connait became a unifying piece of art work in Cameroon. Cameroon will forever remember such singing prowess and the positive impact this created on their music minds.
As if that were not enough, Debany used her fame in a genuine manner by extending a humanitarian hand to the needy – her timely involvement in the challenging fight against Malaria which is one of Africa’s most dreaded killer diseases. Her influence as a renowned artiste and social mobilizer will definitely go a long way to reducing malaria incidence on the continent.

We also praise her for putting hands on deck with Cameroonian superstar and football icon Samuel Eto’o to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged. The African children you are helping today are the stars of tomorrow and you would have contributed enormously in moulding them.

Debany has also been a great inspiration to countless young girls in Cameroon, especially those who desire to be great singers like her. Many of them have been making efforts towards that and will always have you as their role model.
Her invitation to CEA falls within the framework of good neighbourly and diplomatic ties between Cameroon and Gabon, which CEA also seeks to promote.
Congolese Ambassador at CEA inaugural
The Africa diplomatic corps in the US is increasing showing great consent for the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, an event that pays tribute a country usually described as Africa in miniature. Diplomats have been showing their solidarity and wish to see the maiden edition of the CEA succeed. What belongs to Cameroon, belongs to Africa, so they say. One of the latest African diplomats to buy in is the Congolese Ambassador to the US, Serge Mombuli. A spokesperson at the Congo-Brazzaville Embassy has been speaking with CEA on the Ambassador’s confirmed presence at Cramton come July 28, 2012. The Congolese Ambassador’s endorsement and presence at the CEA event will sure be a mark of good diplomatic relations Cameroon has been enjoying with his country in the Central African sub region. Such relations will be demonstrated again when he meets his Cameroonian counterpart Cramton.

June Press Release I


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As we promised to bring you the rest of the nominees in the Cameroon   Entertainment Award under films, fashion – best designers and models, here it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         It gives regard to our Cameroonian universities with much respects meted out to our legends and some outstanding Cameroonians over a decade and in some entire lifetime.

All you have do is just check out the list below.

Best actress in a leading role

*      Taka Tanni – Infamous Deception

*      Solange Yijika – Royal Destiny

*      Quinta Eyong Ashu – Clash of Inheritance

*      Ruth Nkweti – Obsession

*      Nina Ngassa – Vanity Fair

Host of the year

*      Sophy Aiida

*      Pridone Show

*      Qwen Fongo

*      Albert Njie  Mbonde

*      Jason Black ( canal matin)

*      Ivo Potem ( Bonjour CRTV)

*      Stephen Munabo

Best supporting actress

*      Trina takoh – Registered Nurse

*      Ciara galega – Single Six

*      Sophy Aiida – Unwanted Guest

*      Okawa  Shaznay – This is Houston

*       Carine Eyoum – Unwanted Guest

Best actor in a leading role

*       Nchifor Valery – Obsession

*       Claudio Oben – American Dream

*        Kang Quintus – The Strength of  Cha Cha

*        Bertini Heumegni – American Dream

Best movie picture

*      Royal Destiny

*      Land of shadows

*      Vanity fair

*      Obsession

*      American Dream

Best director producer

*      Penjo Pete

*      Neba Lawrence

*      Abraham Takoh

*      Erick Ntang

*      Agbor Gilbert Ebot

Best music video director

*       Chil Nkwain

*       February 16th

*       3K

*       Blue Drops

*       Musing Derick

Best script

*      Vanity Fair – Ngassa Nina

*      Critical Point – Kang quintus

*      Not my Will – Wegmuller Efokoa

*      Registered Nurse – Abraham Takoh

*      The Blues kingdom

Pan African actor

*    John Dumelo

*    Majid Michel

*    Pascal Atuma

*    Stella Damasus

*    JJ Bunny

*   Jim Iyke

People’s Choice award

*    Penjo Pete

*    Taka Tanni

*    Sophy Aiida

*    Lady Ponce

*    X Maleya

*    DJ Chick

*    Yves Tchouta

Best fashion designer

*        Kirette Couture

*        Euphrasie Fash

*        Cote Minou

*        Afroshic Designs

*        Syl Anim

*        4j Couture

*         Bengj of Couture

Male model of the year

*       David Nso

*       Edward Asu Nea

*       Marshall kudi (Bebe Zara Benet)

*       Bertini Heumegni

*       Imane Ayissi

Female model of the year

*     Naoumie Ekiko

*     Marion Gako

*    Joyce Mandi

*     Andy Allo

*     Ghyslaine Tchouga

Universsity choir

*      University of Buea

*      University of Ngaoundere

*      University of  Dschang

*      University of Yaounde

*      University of  Douala

Legend Award

*      Kotto Bass

*      Bebe Manga

*      Eboa Lotin

*      Francis Bebe

Grand Award (with honorees in a decades and lifetime)

Most outstanding Cameroonian of the decade

*       Samuel Eto’o Fils

Most outstanding group of the decade

*      Les Nubians

Most outstanding artist of the decade

*      Richard Bona

Lifetime achievement award


*       Dr. Mathias Fobi


*       Roger Milla


*      Manu Dibango


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Cameroon Entertainment Award CEA of 2012 the very first of its kind, out to give recognition to all talented Cameroonians is to take place on the 28th come July 2012 at the Prestigious Cramton Auditorium, Washington D.C. America.

Nominees into this home – inborn and inspired recognized celebrity award in the  musical brand  have been made public with profiles of  the big names like Les Nubians, Adah, Dr. Sley, Jovi, X Maleya, Petit Pays, Luxland, Wax Dey ft Don Tom and many more.

Get the chance to uncover the mores and their various categories in this outstanding award.

Best gospel artist

*   Anita Etta

*   Odile Ngaska

*   Sister elizabeth Tekeh

*   Ngeh Loveline

*   Achalle

*   Josephine Atanga

*   Walta Blackson

Best makossa artist

*   Petit Pays

*   Longue Longue

*   Nono Flavie

*   Mbu Gapbs

*   Ndedi Eyango

Best rnb\pop\afropop artist

*   Wax Dey

*   Sine

*   Myra Maimoh

*   Naomi Achu

*   Duc – Z

Best reggae\dancehall artist of the year

*  Dr Sley

*  Tufgone

*  Zita K

*  Ankias valleyman

Best Folklore

*  Tata Kingue

*  Guy Watson

*  Bate Nico

*  Ateh Bazore

* Jacob Ngini

*  Prince Yerimah Afo Akom

Best bikutsi artist

*   Lady Ponce

*  Daniel Baka’a

*  Clarisse Valerie

*  Letis Diva

*  Majoie Ayi

Best Jazz artist

*  Manu Dibango

*  Ntjam Rosie

*  Andy Allo

*  Richard Bona

*  Kalhil Janice Kasma

Best male vocalist

*  Achalle

*  Uncle T

*  Dr Sley

*  Damien Blue

*  Vincent de Paul Ngako

Best female vocalist

*  Debra debs

*  Myra Maimoh

*  Naomi Achu

*  Zinnia

*  Irma

Best rap act

*  Dr Kapt

*  Jovi

*  Naomi Achu

*  Krotal

*  Pit Bacardi

*  Tony Nobody

Best male artist

*   Dr Sley
*   Sine

*   Achalle

*   Wax Dey

*   Luxland

Best female artist

*   Kaissa

*   Zinnia

*   Menoosha

*   Myra Maimoh

*   Naomi AChu

*   Irma

Best artist world music

*   Wes Madiko

*   Stypak Samo

*   Blick Bassy

*   Kaissa

*   Irma

Best music album of the year

*   X Maleya – Tous Ensemble

*   Lady Ponce – Trahison

*   Petit PAys – Mathematik de Petit Pays

*   Dr KApt – Hot Kwacoco

*   Naomi Achu – Positive Energy

*   Dr Sley – Positive

Hottest single of the year

*   Don 4 Kwat – Jovi

*   Tchokolo – X MAleya

*   Alhadji – Naomi Achu

*   Girly Girly – Luxland

*   I know – Irma

*   Mignoncite – Guy Watson

Best Collaboration

*    Koh koh – Sine ft Jovi

*    Origin Bloc – Majoie Ayi & Tanus Foe

*    Disorder – Dr Kapt ft Sharen & M. Chill

*    Cant Take It Away – Adolf ft Denzyl & Onezeal

*    Cadavere – Naomi Achu ft Eddy B

Best music video

*   Don 4 kwat – Jovi

*   Girly Girly – Luxland

*   Alhadji –  Naomi Achu

*  Koh koh – sine

*  Cant Take it away – Adolf ft Denzyl & Onezeal

*  Achalle – the blessing hand

Best music producer

*   Pit Bacardi- Emile Ngumbah (M1 studio)

*   Walta Blackson – Chillen music entertainment vision 1 studio USA

*   Achille Mbanga – Bahood records

Best performer

*   Lady Ponce

*   Dr Kapt

*   Rough Kumba boy

*   Naomi AChu

*   Petit Pays

Best new artist

*   Sine

*   Naomi Achu

*   Dr Sley

*   Andy Allo

*   X Maleya

Best music group

*   X Maleya

*   Les Nubians

*   BAAM

*   Bright Phase

*   Gospel Musical

This is just in the musical brand so stay glued reading through the lines on nexdimempire as we bring you more in film, modelling and other outlets.

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