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Cameroon Entertainment Awards (CEA)- PRESS RELEASE JUNE 02




As a build-up to the Cameroon Entertainment Award, the CEA is making public the decision to recognize the following Cameroonians with honorary awards – Samuel Eto’o Fils (footballer), Roger Milla (former football and Roving Ambassador), Manu Dibango (musician), Richard Bona (musician), Angelle Kwemo, Legislative Counsel to US Congressman Bobby L. Rush, Dr Fobi (Batriatic Surgeon), Les Nubians (musicians), Dr David Makongo (Legal expert and transcontinental business promoter), Nganje Kinge Monono (UN staff).The honorary award is not a contested category but meant to pay tribute to people who have given much to their country through their skills, works, etc.
Samuel Eto’o : Outstanding Cameroonian in sports for the decade
It’s hard to stay mute on a glaringly outstanding performance in a game, often referred to as ‘king sports’. To say Cameroonians’ love for football has grown ten folds within the last decade, thanks to Eto’o is no exaggeration. His captivating play style and extra-ordinary scoring ability both in the national team and at club level quickly caught the attention of the world. But shining and distinguishing himself amongst some of the finest footballers of all times has made his story even more palatable.
It would be difficult to forget the joy Eto’o brought to your country after scoring those beautiful goals that fetched Cameroon trophies such as the African Cup of Nations consecutively in 2000 and 2002 and the football Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympic Games.
It’s really so hard to forget the warmth he placed on the hearts of millions of Cameroonian football lovers each time you brought them together to savour his European Champions League show.
That his show has been an endless inspiration to scores of Cameroonian children who would press their fingers on the table to become football icons like Eto’o is something to write home about. That Cameroon has remained in the limelight of this prestigious game and will always be glorified via his performance is something to be proud about. Perhaps, his largesse and humanitarian projects have made Eto’o a complete and accomplished celebrity. These and more are the whys Cameroon Entertainment Awards is recognizing him on this special day.
Roger Milla: Lifetime achievement in sports
Identifying them through Roger Milla has virtually been the experience of every Cameroonian who has travelled out of the country and around the world. Ask them how they feel about the man who makes them earn respect while they are away from home, they’d normally tell you something positive. The honour he have served your country is priceless. From his early days in the national team through the unforgettable 1990 miraculous World Cup performance, till the end of your professional career, he animated the game of football, giving it a special coloration. Milla became an inspiration for younger players who identified good play in his name and jersey number and hoped to be like him someday.
It cannot be forgotten so soon that he piloted Cameroon to a prestigious semi-finals position in the World Cup, a record no country in Africa has beaten 22 years later. We still freshly remember how he defied all odds to score at the difficult 1994 World Cup, as the most elderly player in the tournament. Milla’s Roving Ambassador status has added more flare to the exciting story.
Perhaps, his contribution to the development of the sports movement in particular and socio-economic life in general is what we should highlight at this time. We have not been blind to your humanitarian gestures through your foundation, Choeur d’Afrique. Such love for humanity and the Cameroonian youth is what we wholeheartedly appreciate.
CEA is therefore showing gratitude by rewarding you with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Manu Dibango: Lifetime achievement in music
The history of music shall never be complete without ample space allocated to his story. His is the tale that makes Africa and particularly Cameroon proud. Manu Dibango has been one rare artistes that have displayed an enormous wealth of talent and creativity in music. By inventing Disco via Soul Makossa, his 1972 hit, Manu placed Cameroon at the top of the art. That some of the world’s greatest singers borrowed from him by making use of the popular refrain “ma-mako, ma-ma-sa, mako-mako ssa” is something we are always caught, finding pleasure in talking about as Cameroonians. And as young Cameroonians, hoping to create an impact in music as well, we get easily inspired by your wonderful works. The soul-searching sound of his saxophone warms our heart with a message of hope for success in the world’s greatest art – music. His achievements have always taught us a lesson of hard work and many young artists who have learnt this lesson have made it. Identifying ourselves with Manu as Cameroonians is a privilege to our generation of artists. Words alone cannot do the trick. This award is our own little way of telling him that he deserves such an honor for everything you’ve done for our fatherland.
CEA doffs its hat to this great hero! Dr Fobi Mathias: Life time achievement in academics There is nothing as pleasing as having an illustrious son in the Western, excelling in the field of academics. Among one of the academics making Cameroon proud is Dr Fobi Mathias, bariatric surgeon (specialized in the treatment of obesity). Well known in the US, Dr Fobi has turned the lives of scores of people by successfully dealing with their overweight problems. His contribution to the health of the world is enormous. As Cameroonian, are glad to know that he shines and makes us proud. We want to show gratitude for the good image he has given our country by honouring Dr Fobi with the maiden award in academic. May he continue to be our light out here!

Richard Bona: Most outstanding Cameroonian in music of the decade
It is no longer news that Richard Bona is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading music icons. He is indeed a genius, rare to find in creations’ oldest artistic expression – music. Bona’s popularity and everything else he has enjoyed has come, not by chance, but through the talented musician’s knowledge in the art and his unending effort in consolidating this. His style easily captures universal approval and Bona is loved for what he does. Perhaps, what makes his story more interesting is the fact that this jazz maestro is a Cameroonian. Being one means Cameroon is at the top. Just like the football heroes Samuel Eto’o Fils and Roger Milla, Richard Bona gives his beloved country a shiny image abroad. He has inspired scores of young and aspiring musicians who find pride and pleasure in identifying themselves as their fellow compatriot. The Cameroon Entertainment Awards thinks Bona deserves more than the recognitions he had had so far. That is why the organization is adding another feather on Bona’s cap come July 28 in Washington DC. He is therefore bagging home an honorary award from us.
Les Nubians: Most outstanding Cameroonian music group of the decade
Les Nubians is today known as one of the most successfully French language music groups living in the United States. The group (sisters – Celia and Helene) have won countless awards and had several nominations including the Grammies. Yet, what makes them great is their talent vested in their beautiful voices, captivating lyrics, spectacular stage performance and humility. Born of a Cameroonian mother, Les Nubians have always shown up as Cameroonians and given all to this beloved country of theirs. They have been a source of inspiration to many Cameroonian artistes living at home and abroad. The Cameroon Entertainment Awards believes Les Nubians deserve to be appreciated one more time, this time by young Cameroonians who stand to benefit much from the group’s musical prowess. We are thus declaring them our most outstanding group of the decade.

Angelle Kwemo: Humanitarian
The reason Cameroon is one of the countries respected all over the world is that apart from football, its sons and daughters have displayed an enormous wealth of intellectualism. Countless Cameroonians have shown this abroad. Amongst them is Angelle Kwemo, a multi-talented and well-read Legislative Counsel to Congressman Bobby L. Rush. A Washington College of Law graduate and certificate holder from several institutions, Angelle has proven her worth at countless economic, political and educational institutions including the World Bank, US Congress, Oxfam America, Washington College of Law, etc. The former legislative director to Congressman William Jefferson has coordinated the Africa Trade and Investment Caucus and worked on passage of the famous African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) extension. Back home, Angelle has helped to train fellow Cameroonians on small and medium size business management and handled maritime conflicts of all sorts. She is known to have been very supportive of the Cameroonian community abroad and especially in the USA. Having made Cameroon proud, it is incumbent on CEA to show appreciation. It is therefore doing that through an honorary award to this illustrious daughter.
Dr David Makongo: Humanitarian
The name David Makongo is not strange to Cameroon and Cameroonians. The young lawyer, today an internationally recognized business and growth promoter mad his name before travelling to the Unites States. However, what has stroke the Cameroon Entertainment Awards is this young Cameroonian’s strides in helping Africa come out of poverty. By creating the Makongo and African Partners Liability Limited Company (LLC), the pushful Cameroonian has demonstrated his utmost desire to see the continent rise to an enviable economic level. Dr Makongo who worked for SCDP before leaving Cameroon understands just too well what role local populations play in mining and so is actively involved in seeing that their rights are consolidated. It is only a foresighted and committed African who would know that the continent needs education on the management of its natural resources and how to do effective and profitable business with it. His efforts in this light have earned him membership in the Mining Committee in the International Bar Association Makongo who also the United Support for Peace Corp is member of the American Bar Association (ABA). He is undoubtedly one of the people who shine the Cameroonian star around the world.

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