March 5, 2024

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It’s now certain that Gabonese star singer Patience Debany will be physically present in Washington DC on July 28, 2012 to assume her prestigious position as “Mother of the CEA Awards”. The singer who has been in the US has confirmed her participation in the event which to her is a true sign of love for country, sub region and continent. Executive producers Maybelle Boma and Anne Etape have been speaking with Debany’s manager and the latter has indicated that everything is in place to have the artiste hit the CEA music stage come July 28.
It is an uncontested assertion that the love and admiration Cameroonians have shown for Patience Debany is exceptional and has not commonly happened to others of late. The singer has created a record of fame in Cameroon that will not be beaten so soon. No sooner had On Vous Connait, her hit track reached Cameroon, than it sent the entire country on a chanting spree. For once we witnessed a Cameroon that had everyone chanting the same song at the same time.
It was such a great honor that Debany’s On Vous Connait became a unifying piece of art work in Cameroon. Cameroon will forever remember such singing prowess and the positive impact this created on their music minds.
As if that were not enough, Debany used her fame in a genuine manner by extending a humanitarian hand to the needy – her timely involvement in the challenging fight against Malaria which is one of Africa’s most dreaded killer diseases. Her influence as a renowned artiste and social mobilizer will definitely go a long way to reducing malaria incidence on the continent.

We also praise her for putting hands on deck with Cameroonian superstar and football icon Samuel Eto’o to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged. The African children you are helping today are the stars of tomorrow and you would have contributed enormously in moulding them.

Debany has also been a great inspiration to countless young girls in Cameroon, especially those who desire to be great singers like her. Many of them have been making efforts towards that and will always have you as their role model.
Her invitation to CEA falls within the framework of good neighbourly and diplomatic ties between Cameroon and Gabon, which CEA also seeks to promote.
Congolese Ambassador at CEA inaugural
The Africa diplomatic corps in the US is increasing showing great consent for the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, an event that pays tribute a country usually described as Africa in miniature. Diplomats have been showing their solidarity and wish to see the maiden edition of the CEA succeed. What belongs to Cameroon, belongs to Africa, so they say. One of the latest African diplomats to buy in is the Congolese Ambassador to the US, Serge Mombuli. A spokesperson at the Congo-Brazzaville Embassy has been speaking with CEA on the Ambassador’s confirmed presence at Cramton come July 28, 2012. The Congolese Ambassador’s endorsement and presence at the CEA event will sure be a mark of good diplomatic relations Cameroon has been enjoying with his country in the Central African sub region. Such relations will be demonstrated again when he meets his Cameroonian counterpart Cramton.

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