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Seven countries have been slated to host the 9th Edition of this competition.  Victoria Nkong Remi, production manager also assistant to the promoter of the Kora awards Ernest Coovi Adjovi has been in  Cameroon for several days to visit the facilities, infrastructure and meet with officials of the Ministry of Culture. She visited the Yaounde Sports Complex and Palais de Congres and concluded both structures can host the Kora awards. ”We must continue to meet our standards, we have a reputation to maintain” .

We  also learned during that press conference that the Buea-based group, Bright phase, representative of Cameroon at the Kora Awards 2010  prompted the organizers of the forthcoming competition to visit Cameroon. Created in 2008, this group of three singers were eliminated in the semi-finals. According to Sylva Bright, Bright Phase leader: “If the Kora Awards is organized in Cameroon, it will help promote local artists, boost tourism and create jobs. ”

Odile Ngaska, president of Socam, evoked the same reasons : “It is a competition that will raise the level of music in Cameroon.”

Is the Kora Awards still credible?

After five years of absence, a smashing start in South Africa, an abortive attempt to relocate to Nigeria and ‘missed out’ in Burkina Faso, the Kora Awards have lost much of its credibility. Established in 1994 in South Africa by the Beninese  Ernest Adjovi, the Kora awards was  first aired in 1996 in 45 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. They had as aim to boost the image of African music on TV.

At its debut in South Africa, the competition was very famous. Stars like Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Miriam Makeba, and personalities such as Kofi Annan and Bill Clinton have once been invited to witness this event. After ten years, relations between South Africa and Ernest Adjovi deteriorated. The Kora Awards disappeared from the scene. Three years later, the competition was reborn from its ashes and was announced to take place in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008. A few days of the event, the it was canceled.  President of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaore agreed to host the Kora Awards. Expected to take place in 2009, it finally held in 2010. The evening of April 4 in Ouagadougou was tarnished by the lack of award-winning artists, including the Nigerian duo P-Square (best music from Africa and the Diaspora)  with a million dollars to take home. In addition, the American rapper Akon, who was guest of the evening, did not show up.

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The Indomitable Lions shall be playing an international friendly against Poland on the 11th of August 2010 in Szczecin, Poland.  Memory lane, the first time these two teams met was at the World Cup in Spain on the 19th of June 1982 and the score was 0-0. The Indomitable Lions are expected to reunite in Paris 3 days before the encounter. We don’t have a coach! . Iya Mohammed and two other FECAFOOT officials left Cameroon on Tuesday to meet with the undisclosed coach in France.

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” Un JEUNE , Un CD” (One youth, One CD”)  is a promotional concept created by SHABBA INTERNATIONAL with the goal of fighting piracy . In this light, a concert shall be organised on the 17th of July 2010 at Deido Plage, Douala for about 80 Cameroonian Hip Hop artists. Each artist will have to perform 2 songs to the public. The entry will therefore be the purchase of any album of the your choice.

All interested artists should contact SHABBA INTERNATIONAL

: 75 37 87 08

Venue: Hotel deido plage (Douala-Deido)
DATE: 17 July 2010
TIME: 5 pm

ENTRY FEE: Purchase of any album of your choice

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salut à tous!
ACH4LIFE présente THE COME BACK premier concert officiel du plus grand groupe de RAP Camerounais AKSANGRAVE à Douala

Ach4life revient après la trêve observée pendant la coupe du monde avec l’un des plus gros événements du hip hop kamer, le retour sur la scène du groupe aux 03 albums à succès régnant depuis plus de 10 ans sur la scène hip hop du Cameroun avec plusieurs prix, AKSANGRAV. Dans le cadre de la présentation de son nouvel album dont on peut voir le clip en boucle sur trace tv et nos chaines locales, le groupe dans sa nouvelle configuration (EBOO et REEZBO) vient communier avec ses nombreux fans de Douala. Signé sous un nouveau label Français, nous dégusterons avec eux quelques tubes des albums précédents mais surtout les titres du nouvel album qui suscite tant des curiosités car on avait jamais imaginé Aksangrav sans Dar x. C’est donc un spectacle inédit que ACH4LIFE vous offre à travers cette nouvelle édition des soirées hip hop URBANIZ.

AKSANGRAV sera accompagné des artistes venant de Yaoundé (JUDDAH la dernière signature de Mapane Records, AYRIQ AKAM le virtuose et VINEY DANECAM à découvrir), de Douala ( J MALO, LES 4 SALOP’ARTS, ENER J, et 2 ladies KELY FLORE ET WINNERDIE). la street dance sera assurée par “LES FOL’ FURIEUZ” amenées par JOYCE et TRISH. un clashartistique et thématique sera donné par FRANKO et TUMEUR HEROÏNE pour le show.

Douala et Yaoundé réunis pour un show de grosse facture;
C’est le must en matière de hip hop au kamer!!!

Date: vendredi 23 juillet 2010
Heure: 18h00
Pass: 1 000 FCFA
Infoline: 00 237 99 44 55 29

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The 14th festival of ECRAN NOIR was held  last Saturday in Yaounde with the key Awards for the best film artists. The ultimate prize, Ecran D’or  was given to “Une femme pas commes les autres” by Abdoulaye Dao of Burkina Faso and  “The Eternal” by the Nigerian Chike Ibekwe. The first is a romantic comedy that features the classic couple with an abusive husband and unemployed in a very hostile society, while the second depicts a man torn between the friendship of a missing friend and his love for a young girl.
During the ceremony, author of  “White Material”, Claire Denis called for the re-opening of cinema halls  in Cameroon.


Ecran d’or (ex-aequo):  “Une femme pas comme les autres” by the  Burkinabè Abdoulaye Dao et “The Eternal” by the  Nigerian Chike Ibekwe
Ecran du documentaire: “C’est mieux là-bas”, by
Frédérique Bourgin (Morocco)
Ecran du court métrage (Short film) :
“La métaphore du manioc” by the Cameroonian Lionel Meta
Ecran de la première oeuvre: “Widows at war” by Samuel Tchop (Cameroon)
Ecran du scénario: “Le trône Tchousseu” by Serge Narcisse Ndougueu (Cameroon)
Ecran d’honneur: Roger Ngn’on Mballa

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Hype Ventures is Cameroon’s foremost Music plugging/radio distribution and event Management Company based in Cameroon. Hype Ventures compiles new releases on behalf of the copyright owners and delivers them to over 25 major radio stations, scores of night clubs, bars and lounges and over 130 DJs in 20 towns in Cameroon. Hype Cameroon continues to expand to other African countries by 2011.
Hype (which is an acronym for Have Your Product Exposed ), finds its purpose in its motto which is simply: “Be heard.”
This motto spurs us to seek every available means to ensure that our client’s products are well positioned to receive their deserved “hearing”. This is why many find us as their best option in achieving thus. Hype Ventures equally organizes and manages musical concerts, festivals, musical Awards, press conferences and similar events.

The Brain behind this concept


Oneke John A.K.A Galaxy. is a young Cameroonian /Nigerian artist and music entrepreneur. He read sociology and Anthropology in the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is an award winning artist, video director, radio and T.V host. He has been organizing many musical concerts and festivals and has also contributed significantly in the fight against piracy in Cameroon. Running Hype Ventures is his most passionate task.

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One event, three performers; YOMO, Mr Daddy Black and Container with their massive bands for another exquisite edition of Criss Cross sessions. Experience their new acts and repertoire prior to their summer tours and album releases . Be the first to enjoy their brand new performances live  immortalized by visual animations from ‘Emkal‘ at the Goethe Institute YaoundeJune 16th at 7pm .
So tell your friends, family, loved ones and enemies.

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Cameroonian Afro-beat artist Denzyl Am be shall be performing at Sankayi Night Club in Johannesburg on  Thursday 10th June 2010 in a World cup kick off party. This event is powered by Barthson Global Communication (BGC).The BGC artist shall be pursuing his career in SA before,during and after the world cup. ”E DON BLOW”.

Listen to and download Denzyl Am Be’s songs.

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The nominees of this year’s Dynasty Awards has been unveiled.

The Dynasty Awards Ceremony is the most highly anticipated  event within the University of Buea students community organised by the Dynasty Academy.This year’s edition shall take place at the usual venue ; Amphi 750, University of  Buea on Saturday, 5th 2010. We are proud of the sponsors , Chillen Muzic and ACCAFocus. The entry fee is 500 frs


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