April 25, 2024

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FILM FESTIVAL -Ecran Noir 2010

The 14th festival of ECRAN NOIR was held  last Saturday in Yaounde with the key Awards for the best film artists. The ultimate prize, Ecran D’or  was given to “Une femme pas commes les autres” by Abdoulaye Dao of Burkina Faso and  “The Eternal” by the Nigerian Chike Ibekwe. The first is a romantic comedy that features the classic couple with an abusive husband and unemployed in a very hostile society, while the second depicts a man torn between the friendship of a missing friend and his love for a young girl.
During the ceremony, author of  “White Material”, Claire Denis called for the re-opening of cinema halls  in Cameroon.


Ecran d’or (ex-aequo):  “Une femme pas comme les autres” by the  Burkinabè Abdoulaye Dao et “The Eternal” by the  Nigerian Chike Ibekwe
Ecran du documentaire: “C’est mieux là-bas”, by
Frédérique Bourgin (Morocco)
Ecran du court métrage (Short film) :
“La métaphore du manioc” by the Cameroonian Lionel Meta
Ecran de la première oeuvre: “Widows at war” by Samuel Tchop (Cameroon)
Ecran du scénario: “Le trône Tchousseu” by Serge Narcisse Ndougueu (Cameroon)
Ecran d’honneur: Roger Ngn’on Mballa