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Blu Nation soldier Tzy Panchak drops his new sensational love jam titled “Love me”.

In this well-crafted tune, we get more of French lyrics conveying beguiling words of affection for a girl . TZY proves versatile and consistent.

Listen up

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 Skidi Boy just released a brand new tune titled “Aveugle” . In this love-coated lyrical content, he surprisingly shows his singing side on a thumping beat. Skidi Boy remains consistent with his releases. “AVEUGLE” talks about a girl whose charm literally renders no matter her flaws. 

Listen and share. Make it viral. 

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Steven’s music fast-rising artist M-Pro just unveiled a brand new mid tempo song titled “Gaté” . The song is all about dating a girl and showering her with gifts. The song was produced by CFX and video crafted by Nkeng Stephens . 


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Franko inarguably graced Cameroon music history with his groundbreaking hit “Coller la petite” grabbing a golden disc in France and getting the highest views ever. The rapper has since then been trying to find his poise . Creating another hit to bring him back to the spotlight has been a hard nut to crack. His brand new song “La Remontada” proves the rapper’s exceptional qualities with his thought-provoking punchlines  and energetic delivery. Savour this and share widely. 

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Cameroonian singer Locko has signed a deal under Universal Music Africa . The singer who rose to prominence after  “Margo” and “Nduttu” joins Tenor as Universal music artists. The deal was finalised at Canal Olympia Bessengue on June 29th 2018. He has equally signed an endorsement deal with Hennessey. 

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Gifted duo Rythmz (Dianee & Kezzy) just released the video of their melodic lead tune titled “Fedeti” off their debut album “Addiction” . The video directed by Adah Akenji brings out an acutely creative side of the group with catchy dance steps and powerful vocal performance. 


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Legaci company boss Abz Ngitolang comes through with the visuals of his soul-searching hommage tune titled “Paradise”. 

The song depicts how life on earth is vanity. 

In his own words, he explains ;

Life is cruel, I waited for days to confirm the news about my fellow brother in showbiz by name #GeeReign. 
At first I thought it could be a hype but apparently, nobody seems to come up to say it was all hyping. i really hoped this was not true.
Just a week before death took away the gentle soul of a brother, I was spiritually let to record this song #PARADISE .
Dedicating it to my late parents and everyone who has lost a love one be it, a sister, brother, child, father , mother etc. 
I could never have imagined , I’ll be loosing a brother in the music industry to the cold hands of death. 
To me, this is a message to everyone out here, especially my fellow Cameroon artistes.
Life is short, make sense out of it while there is still time.
After the struggle for fame, money, etc…, when death surprises you, WHAT NEXT???!

#Daddy, #Maa , #GeeReign,
I pray you Rest In Peace till we meet in #PARADISE.

Twitter/Instagram: @AbzNgitolang
Facebook: Abz Ngitolang
SnapChat: AbzChatz

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Mr Leo just released the visuals of his new opus “On se connait pas” directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens. The video is rich in cinematic artistry;  presenting a boxing battle with a connotation to depict how he went through challenges , poverty and fought his way to success. 

Watch and share .

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C’est le grand retour de Thierry Lexper, lui qui est l’un des précurseurs du mouvement Rap/hip-hop à Douala, évoluant avant sous le nom de Gomorrhe, ex membre des Groupes Sodome & Gomorrhe et du mythique Babylon Squand, lui qui a commencé à faire le rap dans les années 90, après un album solo intitulé « On veut tous croquer » sorti en 2011 et un album avec son Groupe Babylon Squad intitulé « Le Retour des Maîtres » sorti en 2014, Thierry Lexper qui est très connu comme un rappeur Hardcore revient dans un nouveau style : l’Afrobeat rap.
Sur ce titre « No Be Bobo », Thierry Lexper marque ici son évolution et son adaptation dans l’ère des nouveautés musicales qui font fureur actuellement, il s’est réactualisé pour donner de la bonne vibe à tous ceux et celles qui sont fans des nouvelles vibrations musicales, il n’est pas resté en marge de l’évolution, il a fait un grand pas vers les nouvelles horizons qui rythment le showbiz actuellement au Cameroun, en Afrique et même dans le monde entier.

Cette chanson produite par Mic Check Record qui est porteuse d’un message fort moralisateur a aussi pour atout de détendre l’atmosphère afin de laisser place à une ambiance hors paire. Pour ce faire, la vidéo danse qui va avec vous en dira plus, écoutez, regardez, kiffez et partagez à tous vos proches afin que ce son devienne viral.

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Daphne has released a brand new song titled my lover produced by Salatiels protege Big Joe. The video amassed a record-breaking amount of over 250.000 views in less than 24 hrs.
The Stevens music diva just clinched the Kunde D’or award for best central African artist held in Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso .

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