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ltm_tvHuman interest news presenter extraordinaire Awilo has been given an unwanted leave. The “tory massa”  and his show are amongst some TV hosts and their shows who were handed various suspensions by the National Communication Council. Their suspension is on account of their uncensored broadcast of the mutilated body parts of a man who was beheaded recently by his son – Awilo got a  6 month suspension. Since he burst unto the Cameroonian media scene on radio and later TV , Awilo has garnered a huge following with his “IPP News” that is a sassy blend of   human interest stories and live commentary all presented in Pidgin. This suspension will surely be greeted with great dismay by his fans. Some people will however toast to this unannounced disqualification of this

dark horse who has surprisingly been leading the ratings war with other more resource – blessed rivals.

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Here are the winners, losers, surprises and shocks for the 2012 edition of the Canal d”Or Awards that took place yesterday March 30 at the Yaounde Conference Centre. Winners and nominees are all listed.

cocoBest new artist – Coco Argentée (winner)

– Linda Raymonde

– Andy

– Gaelle Wonje 

– Grace Bethel


wes madikoBest world artist  –Wes Madiko (winner). This is a surprise. Some expected Charlotte to win.

Charlotte Dipanda

– Armand Biyack

– Carlos K 

– Kaissa Doumbé Moulongo



Best follkore artist or group – Carolle Bakotto (winner)

– Claraime Tamla

– Dany Scorpio

– Richard Epoté 

– Georgette Adgié


duc zBest urban music artist or group  : Duc Z (winner)


– C-minaire

– Valsero 

– Métissage


douleurBest music video :  Douleur”s  “Nja na mba” directed by Christian Tamo. Shock. NS Pictures  did a far better job with Prosby”s “Mboa girl”.

– ‘ Secouer secouer ‘  Lady Ponce  directed by Pipiyou

– ‘ African Mamy ‘  Duc-Z directed by NS Pictures

– ‘ Mboa girl ‘ Prosby directed by NS Pictures

– ‘  Achuka ‘ Karnatox directed by  Shamak


man no lapBest  TV series – ‘Le Procès’ (winner) produced by Jean de Dieu Tchegnebe aka Man No Lap

– ‘Ennemis intimes’ de Ebenezer Kepombia

 – ‘Famla’ de Serge Ndjamen 

 – ‘Ex-Silence’ de Parfait Zambo



Best actress – Mami Ton (winner) in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Stella in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Norma in ‘ Le blanc d’Eyenga’

– Monica in ‘Les aventures de Monika’

– Fanny in ‘Ennemis intimes


mopnuBest actor – Big Mop (winner) in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Mitoumba in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Eza Boto in ‘Famlah’

– Thierry Ntamak in ‘Le blanc d’Eyenga’

– Bifaga in ‘Ennemis intimes’



nanaBest comedian –  Nana Ardo (winner). Another shock and surprise. Major

Asse and even Valery Ndongo drew more laughs last year.

– Moussa Jean kalanga

– Valery Ndongo

– Major Assé

– Marcus


chidinmaBest African artist – Chidinma (winner)

– Bracket

– Serge Beynaud

– Dj Arafat

– P-Square


ponce2Best Song of the Year – ‘Secouer secouer ‘ (winner) by Lady Ponce

– ‘ Dans la tanière ‘ by  Coco Argentée

– ‘  Laisse-moi ‘ by Dora Decca








Best female artist – Charlotte Dipanda (winner)

– Lady Ponce

– Dorra Decca

– Chantal Ayissi








Ndedi-EyangoBest male artist – Ndedi Eyango (winner)

– Douleur

– Richard  Amougou

– Epée Ekoum





KAMWA_DanielSpecial Award from the Jury – Daniel Kamwa

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MUSIC: Frank Bebe – Sugar Girls

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“”Sugar Boy”” Frank Bebe unveiled his new single a week ago titled “” Sugar Girls”” at Kanton Hotel Kumba .The Kumba-based makossa star drifts from his conventional soul makossa delivery to a something fashionable. The fusion of makossa and pop rhythm almost seems de rigeur in Cameroon . It”s a danceable tune.




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Achievas-signed Chinepoh Excel a.k.a Xcellente is back with this cracking hit. The Nigeria-based Cameroonian Afrobeat sensation fuses coupe Decale and pop in his new single titled “”Mutina””.

Let”s enjoy !




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 Nigerian artist Mr Val is currently signed to Big Dreams Entertainment .The sultry singer debuted with “”Saye Temi””

, mounting the pedestal of recognition in Nigeria and becoming a sought-after act. His brand new hit “”Choice Girl”” produced by Magic Fingers is quite an explosive joint . We are proud to present to you the official  video of this soul-searching tune. 

Enjoy greatness!

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Daddy Cool

Bamenda-based singer , songwriter and producer  Daddy

Cool is getting an impressive buzz following the release of  “”Mami Nyanga”” . “Na we dey”” is his spanking new club-banger for you to savour. The song has a solid dance rhythm . Listen to more of his tunes via



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Photo: download Dipokolo by ARRE & ACE----></p> <p>download the famous Je Te Ya Mo ( Dami duro remix) ---><br />  Watch out for their up coming songs , PECOS, ORE, THE EYE etc etc


Africa magneted the attention of music fans when the trio concocted Davido”s “Dami Duro”” into a classic hit dubbed “”Je te Ya Mo””. “Dipokolo”” is a  fresh nu joint from the crew comprising Arre , Ojonery and Ace. This life-enhancing and soothing song was produced by the young prodigy DeeCy. Dipokolo is the first of Blacktriangle Africa”s anticipated BlackFriday releases. It is the first of 4 songs that”ll be dropping every friday over the next month. You can download here

Photo: It

Ace, Arrey & DeeCy (Left to right)

Enjoy !


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Another day and another act attempts to write its name in bold gold letters on the Cameroonian music scene. SWAG B.M.G is their name and they are a three boy Kamer hiphop act, made up of Raaz B, Bik C and Fuzzy Hard Man. Their latest track – video below- is titled ‘ Back to the game‘. Decent attempt although it’s hard to listen to the song and not hear ‘Come to me’ by P.Diddy ft Nicole Scherzinger. Do well to listen and hear for yourselves.


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mabeDespite their recent lacklustreness, the Indomitable Lions still have a huge following. Maybelle Boma is one die-hard fan. She recently released a track titled ‘Cameroon unite‘ broadcasting several postive messages and, you guessed wrong, the Lions. The song features Inorie Fotso and is part of Boma’s recently – released album. Both the song and video were done in New York. The artist says that there’s ‘Nothing like waking up in the morning to read countless unnecessary stories about the pride and joy of your nation “soccer” What happened to the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon? What is the big deal about  Francophone and Anglophone? The only time I have seen Cameroonians united is when the Indomitable Lions are playing and now, there is  so much  confusion. Why are our  brothers not united? .. Our main goal was to reach out to our brothers in the national team, to continue making us proud. When  people  talk  of Cameroon, the only thing you hear is soccer and so, soccer is our pride and joy………….Cameroonians, united we stand and divided we fall. Welcome back my brothers to the national team we love you all’. Lucky Lions, despite their recent poor outings, they still have fans, hot ones one must add.

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daniel eogCameroon”s soul flagbearer Daniel Eog who shot to fame with “Kongossa” is set to release a new album titled “Peace, love and light“. A press conference has been billed in this regard

for Saturday March 30 2013 in Yaounde at the French Cultural Institute. Without being a crystal ball gazer, one can rightly predict this album is a journey worth going on for soul aficionados. Her body of work so far as well as well collabos augur nothing short of great.

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