May 26, 2024

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Indomitable Lions and Cameroon get new celebration song

mabeDespite their recent lacklustreness, the Indomitable Lions still have a huge following. Maybelle Boma is one die-hard fan. She recently released a track titled ‘Cameroon unite‘ broadcasting several postive messages and, you guessed wrong, the Lions. The song features Inorie Fotso and is part of Boma’s recently – released album. Both the song and video were done in New York. The artist says that there’s ‘Nothing like waking up in the morning to read countless unnecessary stories about the pride and joy of your nation “soccer” What happened to the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon? What is the big deal about  Francophone and Anglophone? The only time I have seen Cameroonians united is when the Indomitable Lions are playing and now, there is  so much  confusion. Why are our  brothers not united? .. Our main goal was to reach out to our brothers in the national team, to continue making us proud. When  people  talk  of Cameroon, the only thing you hear is soccer and so, soccer is our pride and joy………….Cameroonians, united we stand and divided we fall. Welcome back my brothers to the national team we love you all’. Lucky Lions, despite their recent poor outings, they still have fans, hot ones one must add.