June 16, 2024

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Canal d'Or 2012 winners, losers, surprises and shocks

Here are the winners, losers, surprises and shocks for the 2012 edition of the Canal d”Or Awards that took place yesterday March 30 at the Yaounde Conference Centre. Winners and nominees are all listed.

cocoBest new artist – Coco Argentée (winner)

– Linda Raymonde

– Andy

– Gaelle Wonje 

– Grace Bethel


wes madikoBest world artist  –Wes Madiko (winner). This is a surprise. Some expected Charlotte to win.

Charlotte Dipanda

– Armand Biyack

– Carlos K 

– Kaissa Doumbé Moulongo



Best follkore artist or group – Carolle Bakotto (winner)

– Claraime Tamla

– Dany Scorpio

– Richard Epoté 

– Georgette Adgié


duc zBest urban music artist or group  : Duc Z (winner)


– C-minaire

– Valsero 

– Métissage


douleurBest music video :  Douleur”s  “Nja na mba” directed by Christian Tamo. Shock. NS Pictures  did a far better job with Prosby”s “Mboa girl”.

– ‘ Secouer secouer ‘  Lady Ponce  directed by Pipiyou

– ‘ African Mamy ‘  Duc-Z directed by NS Pictures

– ‘ Mboa girl ‘ Prosby directed by NS Pictures

– ‘  Achuka ‘ Karnatox directed by  Shamak


man no lapBest  TV series – ‘Le Procès’ (winner) produced by Jean de Dieu Tchegnebe aka Man No Lap

– ‘Ennemis intimes’ de Ebenezer Kepombia

 – ‘Famla’ de Serge Ndjamen 

 – ‘Ex-Silence’ de Parfait Zambo



Best actress – Mami Ton (winner) in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Stella in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Norma in ‘ Le blanc d’Eyenga’

– Monica in ‘Les aventures de Monika’

– Fanny in ‘Ennemis intimes


mopnuBest actor – Big Mop (winner) in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Mitoumba in ‘Ennemis intimes’

– Eza Boto in ‘Famlah’

– Thierry Ntamak in ‘Le blanc d’Eyenga’

– Bifaga in ‘Ennemis intimes’



nanaBest comedian –  Nana Ardo (winner). Another shock and surprise. Major

Asse and even Valery Ndongo drew more laughs last year.

– Moussa Jean kalanga

– Valery Ndongo

– Major Assé

– Marcus


chidinmaBest African artist – Chidinma (winner)

– Bracket

– Serge Beynaud

– Dj Arafat

– P-Square


ponce2Best Song of the Year – ‘Secouer secouer ‘ (winner) by Lady Ponce

– ‘ Dans la tanière ‘ by  Coco Argentée

– ‘  Laisse-moi ‘ by Dora Decca








Best female artist – Charlotte Dipanda (winner)

– Lady Ponce

– Dorra Decca

– Chantal Ayissi








Ndedi-EyangoBest male artist – Ndedi Eyango (winner)

– Douleur

– Richard  Amougou

– Epée Ekoum





KAMWA_DanielSpecial Award from the Jury – Daniel Kamwa