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naomiWhen you are the hottest girl in town, why settle for only one beau when you can have them all? That is the idea behind Naomi Achu’s heavy-hitting latest video for the track “Suga”. “I wanted a fun theme, so we played the boys,” explained the DC-based award winning femcee, who ditches her girls during dance rehearsal for a hot date with DJ Don’t Jealous me, as the clip opens. From a helicopter ride to promenading on the beach, Naomi is the man-eater with an insatiable appetite for sexy guys and even sexier outfits. In every scene, Achu sports the most fabulous pieces, making a fashion statement each time. When delivering her verses between the tagged-up walls, Naomi keeps it ghetto fab with a small faux fur sleeveless jacket, tight jean knee shorts, yellow ankle boots and side studded shades to die for. She later meets her girls at the club

where she dazzles in her favorite sexy custom-made dress with sparkly

embellishment around the chest. It is all fun games throughout the clip until Naomi gets busted while laying on one of her oga’s lap. A four men brawl follows until uncle Shoboy comes to the rescue in time before the end.

Naomi Achu gives mad props to her entire hardworking team. DMV’s leading directing duo Wale and Jeff created the creative video after 2 months of taping and editing. Celebrity publicist Hadja Kobele Keita was the behind the scenes consultant during the shoots. Naomi is also in awe of the men acting as her dates, “Each of my male dates fit into their date scenes pretty well. Don’t Jealous Me looked great in his truck, Femi was awesome in the helicopter, Psean was the best gentleman on the beach and Dayo rocked the golf course scene.”

Today, Wednesday February 27 marks the official release of the video “Suga” on online platforms. Fans will appreciate the uniqueness of every scene and won’t get enough of Naomi’s energetic and captivating performance. Watch out for more from Naomi Achu on


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melcubeAs a record exec and artist, one must ride in the fast lane and avoid photo finishes. This is the mantra Melcube is surely trying to follow as he drops track after after. In the wake of his lady pleaser ” Love knight”, the rapper has released after track titled “Down low“. Without being  The Mentalist, one must predict that this song will be considered an ear sore, not worthy of the Melcube we know and love. The beats are below par and vocally the song augurs more of a studio session amongst friends than a track intended for public consumption. Sincere fans will surely wonder what was he thinking and whether this is really their Melcube. Simply put, between “Say it” and “Down low”,

there is a yawning gap.

Before you agree or disagree, do listen to the track.

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Nabstar just released two cracking songs off his forthcoming LP ““My Survivor Tory 1.1″”. “”Confirm”” and “”Bolingo”” are beautifully-honed and entertaining tracks. “Confirm” is definitely a street anthem derived

from the Cameroonian slang “”Confirm””. On “”Bolingo”” , Nabil collaborates with Congolese/Belgian star Joel . Nabstar “s prowess as one of the lyrical giants in Camer Hip Hop is quite evident in these solid Hip Hop joints. Songs produced by Majestro The Beatmaker



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SAM_8292Thank God and the gods , the 2013 Race of Hope took place. It was a usual mix of hits and misses. Here are hits:

Sarah Etonge: Like it or not she was the star of this year”s race: 49 years old and still came in second. By this feat, she has elevated herself from human to icon. Now the issue of her house has been settled, somehow. All those who were at the Molyko stadium had the privilege of seeing a woman rise to legendom by sheer courage and strength. “Woman eh”

A cliffhanger finish in the male category: This hit was inadvertent but still a hit anyway. The finish in the male category was nail-biting and a great T.V. moment. At Bongo squares, eventual winner Gabsibuin Godlove and third – place winner Bongkijung Januarius were almost neck to neck with Godlove having a slight lead which he eventually stretched to reach the finish line first. Surprise, surprise, the guy who eventually came in second was rather Tiku Divine, Januarius Bongkijung finally came in third. Something happened between Bongo Squares and the Molyko Stadium.

An all inclusive race: Many criticisms can be directed at the organisation of the race but one of those cannot be discrimination. The race is all inclusive, with able – bodied as well as the visually impaired. Seniors too were included with a 75 yr old athlete, Tanda Titah, defying the chariots of the gods as well as

juniors who could be his grand-kids.

Sponsors galore: The Race of Hope 2013 seems to have pulled sponsors from far and near. There were IT, airline, brewery and etc companies all vying for a place in the sun where their products would be obvious to even the blind. Hopefully next year will bring more sponsors to the party.

And here are the not- so- good aspects of this year”s race.

Toddlers competing: It was surely good to have a junior category – with a junior distance to cover- but  some of the contestants were a little too little to be competing if you ask some people. The organisers and parents most especially should endeavour not to deny children their childhood by having them go on herculean quests.

Soldiers and crowd management: Believe it or not soldiers by virtue of their training are not cut out for dealing with civilian situations like the Race of Hope. This year just as in years prior, soldiers were enlisted to help with the race and as usual they had brushes with civilians, belting some

and quarelling as well. The organisers should endeavour to exclude soldiers from this forum because they lack the skills to control crowds peacefully. Barricades and more police officers would do the job. If it were other “incidents” police would be imported to deal with the situation. The same could be done for the Race of Hope.

That ever stagnant prize money: Since 1 B.C., the prize money has stood at 3,000,000, 2 and 1 million respectively for the first three positions in the ladies, men”s and relay categories. But given the “sponsor rush” noticed and the grueling nature of the race, isn”t it time the prize money received a bump, no matter how insignificant.  Athletes – and not committees members-  put on a show and deserve gold for their efforts. Without them there will be no Race of Hope.

Finally we could be mention the perennial problem of organisation but that would be useless because next year will be the same thing all over again. But we cannot let this slide. Reporters should endeavour to communicate well. Instead of calling non-Cameroonian athletes foreigners or foreign athletes there should say international because foreign has a negative connotation and the Race of Hope is now a world  brand, a party to which everybody is invited and words of exclusion like foreign should be jettisoned.

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Cameroonian singer and TV personality WAX DEY just rounded up with the auditions of his reality TV show “”NUMBER ONE

GIRL”” in Bamenda, Limbe, Yaounde and Douala.

Shot in Cameroon and South Africa, Number One Girl is a pioneer reality TV show that aims to find one woman in Cameroon who is the epitome of African beauty, class, intelligence and sexiness. The Number One Girl has to beat 19 other contestants to win 5000 dollars cash prize and travel to South Africa to star in a music video for the hit song “Number One Grl” – by Wax Dey ft Dontom.  The show shall be aired on Canal 2 International .Stay glued for updates.

Enjoy !

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“”Benskin rap”” crooner Rough Kumbaboy has hired a new manager called Brunhilda Njua. Rough Kumbaboy has been spotted with Brunhilda at several shows in UK. He is presently working on his new singles “”Take am for dong”” and a cracking joint with Dr Kapt. 

Being very talented and beautiful, Brunhilda Njua is a 27 year old model and an event organiser from Njinikom village (North West region of Cameroon) based in the United Kingdom. After traveling to Europe at a tender age ,she caught the interest of several modelling scouts and agencies that battled each other to gain a contract with her but did not quite succeed as she preferred to have an education before venturing into

the field, she studied and became her own boss. Just to name a few, she has modeled for top high street stores such as MARKS & SPENCER, NEXT, H&M etc. Her zeal for becoming industrious ignited an interest in event organisation, doing a few short courses in this field, she’s been able to co-organise many African events bringing artists such as TIMAYA, IYANYA, ICE PRINCE and many more at the London O2 arena.


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NexDim caught up with young talented actress Ala Nadyn at Necla Hotel , Food Market-Bamenda for an exclusive interview .We delved into her acting career , as well as her personal life. She sounded extremely positive about the impending evolution of the film industry in Cameroon. She is married to another dexterous Bamenda-based movie star Ala Leo. They are the hottest celebrity couple we have in  the film industry in Camer.  Let’s go !

NEXDIM: Hello .Can you briefly introduce yourself

Ala Nadyn: I am Ala Nadyn, an actress based in Bamenda, North West Cameroon. I am

a student of Laureate Business College, I study business administration.

NEXDIM: When did you take that bold step to venture into acting as a career

Ala Nadyn: My debut was in 2008 when I starred in my first movie ‘’8 commandments’’ .

NEXDIM: What can you pride of as an actress? In essence what do you have in your repertoire?

Ala Nadyn: I have done some movies though not of high standard. For instance ‘’Necessary Crime’’by Njamsi Roland,  ‘’We live together ‘’ directed by Mr Ngwa in Douala etc. However my recent movie ‘’Who Am I ‘’ is certainly a blockbuster .The movie was directed by Deric Njimanju and produced by my husby Ala Leo, released in October 2012.

NEXDIM: How do you rate the entertainment industry especially the movie sector in Cameroon at this level ?

Ala Nadyn: Well, I think there has been a remarkable improvement compared to movies we did in 2008 when I debut.We have greater heights to go. It’s a gradual process .

NEXDIM: How can the greater heights be achieved .What’s the way forward?

Ala Nadyn: Just being myself. I believe God will see me through.

NEXDIM: Who do you look up to as an idol in the movie industry?

Ala Nadyn: Most of my friends always liken me to Omotala Jalade. So I look at myself like another ‘’Omo Sexy’’ in Cameroon.

NEXDIM: Gorgeous as you are, you may have a lot of eyes raining on you.. How do you combat the fact that many men want to have you as a girlfriend.

Ala Nadyn: Well, sorry to all those who wanna date me . I am a very closed person .Actually I am married.

Nadyn and husband Leo

NEXDIM: Gush! You get me blushing already. (Laughing out loud) . I had plans already. Anyways , it’s a great thing to get married. Have you started making kids?

Ala Nadyn: Not yet. My husband and I are working on something. You know he’s that busy type of person as well myself. He’s an actor .

NEXDIM: Oh !  like Beyonce and Jay Z in the industry. What’s your favourite meal?

Ala Nadyn: OMG! Achu and mbongo. I can die for.

NEXDIM: You have a huge taste of fashion. You like looking good and people appreciate your appearance. So what’s your dress code?

Ala Nadyn: Corporate and sexy. And my designer is your husband

NEXDIM: Are you a sucker for designing .Do you love fashion?

Ala Nadyn: Yea, I love fashion but I don’t go for designer clothes. My husband does all the design for me.He conceives it .

NEXDIM: When you are not rehearsing your scripts or on set, what do you do?

Ala Nadyn: When am not rehearsing or with a production crew, I am either in school studying or at home singing.I love singing and hope to venture into music.

NEXDIM: Do play the roles that entail kissing?

Ala Nadyn: Yea. I play those roles .It’s very normal. My husband doesn’t find anything wrong when I kiss in a movie. He’s into showbiz.

NEXDIM: What can you tell your fans?

 Ala Nadyn: Keep watching Cameroonian movies . I want to let them know 2013, will be an explosive year in the film industry in Cameroon. I will prove my worth. Keep your eyes on me.

NEXDIM: Do you visit often and what do you think can be an innovation .

Ala Nadyn: I visit all the time I go online. You guys are doing a great job. As an innovation, I think you should intensify your campaigns in meeting the people, for instance coming all the way from Buea to Bamenda to conduct this interview is a great stride. You should frequently .deploy your staffs to Bamenda to cover showbiz news.

NEXDIM: It’s was a pleasure having you.

Ala Nadyn: Thanks, I appreciate.

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Introducing V2M

Posted In: Profile by Nchanji

V2MV2M is a young aspiring Cameroonian artist,

his real names are Mbaku Valery. He admits that life has been hard on him but that hasn”t weakened his resolved to make it in the world of music. He is currently working on an album. Born in 1988, he interspersed studies with performing live alongside  other dudes as well as writing songs. He however never produced. While pursuing his carrier, he still continues performing live and dropped his first solo album in 2011 and is struggling to do the promotion. He is currently in Dubai trying to get down other stuff and take his career to the next level. Here is one of his songs titled “Who be u“.

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chaSure, the incident  is over a year old but it”s still worth its weight as a star moment. As she performed live during a business expo in Yaounde, a male fan broke down in  tears

at the sound of her voice. If you thought this only happened to teenage girl fans of Westlife then watch and see

what our Charlotte Dipanda“s velvet voice can do to a grown dude. I hope his girlfriend or wife wasn”t watching and has never seen this video. Whatever the case, his inability to hold himself together warranted him a few moments in Charlotte”s consoling arms on stage. Most guys will surely wish silently they were in this crying fan “s place, that is without the tears, even of joy.


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Discovery : Andy Djemea

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There are artists; part of the crowd and usual. And then there are artists: unique and

far from the crowd. This is the case with Andy Djemea. If you love Makossa that is simple and great without being bland and boring then you must listen to this guy. Remember the name as he is set to conquer the Cameroonian music scene if continues at this pace. Enjoy this “Maggie

track of his.

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