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Letting Go-Y.A Squad

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Y.A Squad has been a highly acclaimed gospel hip hop group in the South West region though some controversies abound concerning some members of the group which we would not like to expose here .They released an album dubbed ”Way 2 Heaven” in 2008 and a video CD in 2009.

We are however proud of  YA Squad for the good sound track they did for the movie ”NOT MY WILL” .Nexdim brings to you ”Letting Go” from their ”Way 2 Heaven”  collection.

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Assoua Achille Brice Eteki is a young and talented lad of 25. He is Cameroonian by Nationality and lives and work in Cameroon. He attended his primary and secondary education in Buea (His Hometown). After Secondary school he moved into High school and graduated into the University College of Technology, Buea.

Before getting into the Cinema world, Assoua Achille has been into music for about 5 years. He has a discography of about 30 songs. His music genres are RnB, Soul, Jazz and Pop. He is looking forward to release a debut album in the nearest future entitled “HOOD CLASSICs”. Samples of his audio works are can be found on this site at the Multimedia page

After working as editor on many home base projects such as Weddings, Parties etc… Achille started his debut in the cinematic world in 2003 on a feature entitled “LUXURY”. A Movie by Cameroon born Director, Kamwa Anthony of Genesis Pictures Ltd. After the feature, A. Achille was invited into another project entitled “LEATHER GANGSTERS” by GOHFA Creations (2005/2006), where he was responsible for Editing and Sound Composition. After the release of the Trailer of this movie, everybody wanted to have his/her job done by this new, young and multitalented editor.

2006 was a great year for Assoua Achille, as he worked on many projects: ‘Woman’s Scar ‘- ‘Retribution’ – ‘Money Case’ – ‘Faith Why?’ and the official Trailer for the Verdant Hills Minifilms Festival, Oct. 2006. During this festival, 2 shots edited by Assoua Achille recieved awards as “Best Short Film” and “2nd Best Short” while Assoua Achille Brice was awarded “Best Editor”. He worked the same year on 3 Musical Videos for Cameroon artists – SparX and  Sley.

Furthermore, 2 short films edited by Assoua won awards at the FAKO FILM FESTIVAL 2008 as “Best Film and Best Film by Jury”.

He was invited into the Nigerian Nollywood industry to edit a movie entitled “BRAND NEW” featuring Nigerian movie stars like Zack Orji and Norbert Young. A movie produced by Charity C. Okorie and Directed by B.T. Thomas. He was later on selected for the BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS, Berlin – Germany in the same year (Feb 2008) and Later in July, He was selected for the DURBAN TALENT CAMPUS, South Africa. Early in 2009, Assoua Achille was re-selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus and was accredited as festival guest. He is a successful applicant for a grant with Akademie Schloss Solitude Program.

He just finished another feature with Dir. Kamwa Anthony entitled “A WOMAN’s WORLD”. He was the main editor and the assistant director. A movie to be premiered soon. Meanwhile, He is looking forward to Directing his first Short / Feature.

Enjoy some of his projects!!!

Retribution trailer directed by Rene Tabot and edited by Achille

Still be mine by Kelly B ft Binniray J Edited by Achille

(237) 70 20 90 31

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The production team of the movie ”NOT MY WILL” wishes to inform all fans of a press conference about the release date of the movie to take place on Friday 30th April 2010 at the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation at 11 am prompt.

VENDREDI 30 AVRIL 2010 11H: Conference de presse a la Fondation Tandeng Muna  (724 RUE NARVICK / Derrière Direction MTN -YAOUNDE)


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Hope you enjoy this video from the Cameroonian trio Xmaleya.They were recently nominated for the Museke Online Music Awards .Hope you vote for them  on

Ndolo ft X Maleya

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The song ‘Waka Waka ( Time For Africa).’ borrowed from Zangalewa’s successful “Golden Sound” is officially annouced as the anthem of this 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The song features pop stars  Shakira from Columbia and Freshlyground from South Africa.

A Beautiful Nostalgic Song! Camer rocks!

Waka waka by Sharika feat. FreshlyGround

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Boudor is a Cameroonian rapper who has imposed his unique and original rap style gaining plenty of admiration.If you’ve never heard of him, just watch this !.

Boudor le noirokaire

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What was considered rumour has now been clarified; Krotal actually participated on  the anthem of the World Cup alongside the Senegalese Awadi, 2face Idibia from Nigeria, South African Jozi, Zuluboy and Slikour & Kwestadu , Samini from Ghana, the Lebanese Rola, the Ugandan Chameleon and the American star Kelly Rowland. The song titled “Everywhere u go” was funded by the mobile company MTN ,also sponsor the first World Cup to take place  on African soil.

Great song!! Krotal keep reppin’  Camer.

Kelly Rowland -”everywhere you go” ft Africa Allstars

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Cameroonian ace musician , Le Turbo d’ Afrique, Petit-Pays has released a brand new gospel album titled ”God Go Pay”. “God go pay”  declares his  glorification and commitment to God after his encounter with prophet TB Joshua in Nigeria. This album was produced by Massema Production.

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Our Cameroonian celebrity best known for his hits ”Africa”,”Privatiser”,Kirikou , and Canal D’or 2009 ;Longue Longue has been a subject of humour because of  his gross public misconduct.
Despite the  virtuous attitude seen in music videos and on stage, just a small skirmish would make his true behavior portrayed.

I can remember his fight at Marche Congo where he was rescued by the goodwill of some merchants.

This weekend, the artist was involved in a shameful act of barbarism.The scene took place on the road to PK 11 in Douala. The artist driving  a big car suddenly suffered a break down due to lack of fuel. While he tries to solicit some residents to give him a helping hand, words came from  a passerby “Longue Longue aren’t you  ashamed, you sing about  CPDM and yet you have no fuel in your car”

Longue Longue looked around but couldn’t identify who offered him the speech.He finally sees a scapegoat,a student of Lycee Ndoghem who was seriously laughing.

He suddenly advances towards the boy and gives him a series of punches .The friends of the latter, surprised by the cannibalistic behavior of the artist decided  to rescue their school mate. All the  students threw themselves on Longue  Longue and gave him a good correction rubbing  the whole of his body with mud.

To release him, the  students want him to sign an undertaking with the police to transfer to the student in question the sum of 40.000 frs as compensation for the mobile from he lost in the course of the fight.


kirikou by Longue Longue

en langue francais,visitez

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Behyia Leonard Bruce is one of Cameroon’s most prominent entertainers who carved a niche and made greatness out of it.He is currently the Deputy station manager of CRTV 105 FM , Douala and an international impresario.He is a quintessence of an idealistic and categorical person and an outstanding figure who has greatly induced the trail of entertainment in Cameroon.
NexDim caught up with Behyia at his ”bureau” at CRTV Bonanjo for an up close and personal interview.This interview finally took place at Glacee Moderne, Akwa, where i was  offered a luscious cup of ice cream.Hmmmm! it tasted real good.

Nexdim: For the years you have spent in the entertainment industry. What impact have you made so far?
Tonton Behyia:”From the last 25 years , i have been involved in all facets in entertainment from conceptualisation,production,advertisement,promotion,music distribution and sales. I can say   so far, I  have aided to bring to the spotlight some Cameroonian musicians like Njohreuh,Sergeo Polo,Longue Longue,Nguea La route and many more.I’ve groomed so many presenters in Cameroon  whom i’ll not like to mention here. Some are unappreciative though.What i currently do is ravalorising artistic talents.I am presently planning to a take tour with X Maleya in East Africa,West and Southern Africa”
Nexdim: Can you explain to us the nature of your professional and business commitments?
Tonton Behyia: ”Apart from being a radio presenter, I basically do international VIP impresario. I get international contracts for weddings,from automobile companies , car launch ceremonies,mobile companies and money transfer services. I’m also a voice scout. I buy and sell voices. I have been offering ad services to mobile companies like MTN , Orange Cameroon and money transfer services like Western Union ”
Nexdim:what is your impression about people who passed through you craving for fame?
Tonton Behyia: ”There is a vast list of people whom i have mentored to be entertainers and its been so shameful. They struggle so hard to be famous. I do not want to mention their names. They are a set of people who dare into entertainment for the sake of the fame and not for the game. They can’t even afford to pay their house rents and leave in despair. If you are into entertainment for the sake of the the game,money will follow all the same”.
Nexdim: Cameroonians say you talk a lot. What’s your opinion about this?

Tonton Beyhia: ”They are simply dull if they say so.I’m a journalist. If a journalist doesn’t talk he’ll certainly remain poor for life. I have been able to talk and capture people’s attention with the words I deliver . If people listen to me all the time it means they love what I speak which is the painful  truth. And anyone who doesn’t adhere to the truth or resists it is evil. So i am not ready to stop talking and remain poor. Idiot!”
Nexdim:what is your muse in life?
Tonton Behyia:”my main strength comes from the fact that i have plenty of enemies. I am an outspoken and categorical  person who doesn’t conceal the truth. My enemies are the people who foster harmful designs against  me and are the thorns to pierce me when I fall. I always work hard to challenge my enemies. Secondly,my wife and children. They enormously inspire me positively and enable me nurture that competition from within. Like I used to say ‘Everyday i try to make life less of a mess,being the best of my stress”.
Nexdim: So many Cameroonians I’ve come across say you have ravenous appetite for women. Is this impression true?
Tonton Behyia:”It amazes me.Why don’t people think it’s the other way round?. Why don’t they think I’m rather loved by women?.I am that kind of person who makes people wonder how a handicapped person can turn the story around in a society where it is considered a taboo to be handicapped.I make beautiful girls trip. I now bear so many names ;some call me the ”Oracle”,some call me the ”Chief Priest” just to mention a few. Please i would like to make everyone know that  , I’m happily married with two kids and i have no girlfriend”

Nexdim: How can you explain your significant rise to fame?
Tonton Behyia: ”I am not famous. My charisma and valour imposing myself in my community is natural. I have never sought for fame. I have been a little present in where i needed to be. I don’t think up to 60  million people know me across the world. It however feels good to be known in my country as I’ve been enjoying some favours like free hotels,free airtime credit and other free offers.When i’m known by a population of 60.000 million people all over the world,then i can start talking about fame”
Nexdim:You have been having expeditions out of the country. What often takes you out of Cameroon?.
Tonton Behyia: ”Basically business missions and visits.I’ve traveled to countries like Kenya,Nigeria,Dubai,India etc to do ad voices for companies,attend music festivals and do impresario.I have also been to the US but unfortunately my trip has been restricted to some cities like NYC,Washington DC,Colorado. Still Hoping to visit ATL some day.What makes me sell is the fact that i am able to entertain my audience in english and french flavoured with some comic appeal.I also travel out of Cameroon sometimes with my family to enable my kids discover other countries around the world”
Nexdim: What is your impression about Cameroon entertainment Industry?
Tonton Behyia:”To me ,the entertainment industry shall attain a good standard when urban music takes over Cameroon.The problem lies on the fact that our artists are not daring and venturesome. We have that class of youngsters who make it big at the international level like Bright Phase,Zinnia but lack credibility at home . The DJs are the ones who control what we dance to but they haven’t played their role efficiently to make our music breakfast music. They are supposed to impose to the people what they need to stick to.Well, rating it at this level,i think it is impressive. Cameroonians have the potentials.That’s reason you can see world top notch artists can copy from a Cameroonian musician like Manu Dibango.Let me seize this opportunity to clarify that ”Zangalewa” is not the original composition of the Cameroonian group ZANGALEWA.The rhythm has been a traditional parade song used by the Cameroonian military base for a longtime. Unlike artists like Manu Dibango,Richard Bona ,we don’t give ourselves real value.Roles need to be distributed.I dont think you will ever see Richard Bona distributing  his music himself or going down to the streets to fight for reason that his music being pirated.I think there must be a laid down structure with roles professionally dispensed”.
Nexdim:Who are your role models?
Tonton Behyia: ”My late mum Nancy Asopo and my late uncle Njang Jonas Ebot.They were two selfless people.I ‘ll like to be like them in my next life.That’s at the family level.At the intellectual point of view,Mark Zukerberg ,an American entrepreneur best known for conceptualising the social network Facebook.He is someone who conceived an idea and brought it to reality”
Nexdim:From your achievements.Does it mean you are living large?
Tonton Behyia: ”I dont think i have plenty of duties and commitments in my life.My mum did it all for me and i have no problems.She built a house in Kumba. I don’t think i will ever buy land or build a house in my life.I live a happy and comfortable life .All i do now is make my children discover more countries in the world.I”m sure I’ll pay house rents till i retire.If the future is bright,i believe one of my friends will offer me a house”.
Nexdim: How do you manage your job at CRTV and impresario?
Tonton Behyia: ”I have worked with the CRTV for 8 years and i don’t see the job challenging enough.It’s just the same daily routine.I needed something that can add value to life and make me nurture new concepts that do not only entertain but  educate to the masses.I now run a programme I dubbed ”Bouillon Martinale” .In English ”Morning pepper soup” which is a Sunday breakfast show .It’s entertainment,education,information,subject of the day spiced by the guest of the day .Last week my guest artist was PSquare.I’ll be having more international and national artists like Bright Phase,Luxland,Zinnia,Steveslil in subsequent editions”.
Nexdim:Tell us your favourite meals?.
Tonton Behyia:”Kwaccoco Bible,Sleeping Groundnut soup and garri.You add okro for the groundnut soup for morning”.
Nexdim:what genre of music often plays in your car?
Tonton Behyia:”Hardcore reggae,old school, all genres of urban music.I also love listening to traditional rhythms like from Tata Kingue.I imagine a fusion with slow jazz music.It’s a complicated desire”.
Nexdim: It was nice having you on
Tonton Behyia: ”pleasure is all mine”

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