March 1, 2024

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Assoua Achille Brice Eteki- CEO BINAM STUDIOS

Assoua Achille Brice Eteki is a young and talented lad of 25. He is Cameroonian by Nationality and lives and work in Cameroon. He attended his primary and secondary education in Buea (His Hometown). After Secondary school he moved into High school and graduated into the University College of Technology, Buea.

Before getting into the Cinema world, Assoua Achille has been into music for about 5 years. He has a discography of about 30 songs. His music genres are RnB, Soul, Jazz and Pop. He is looking forward to release a debut album in the nearest future entitled “HOOD CLASSICs”. Samples of his audio works are can be found on this site at the Multimedia page

After working as editor on many home base projects such as Weddings, Parties etc… Achille started his debut in the cinematic world in 2003 on a feature entitled “LUXURY”. A Movie by Cameroon born Director, Kamwa Anthony of Genesis Pictures Ltd. After the feature, A. Achille was invited into another project entitled “LEATHER GANGSTERS” by GOHFA Creations (2005/2006), where he was responsible for Editing and Sound Composition. After the release of the Trailer of this movie, everybody wanted to have his/her job done by this new, young and multitalented editor.

2006 was a great year for Assoua Achille, as he worked on many projects: ‘Woman’s Scar ‘- ‘Retribution’ – ‘Money Case’ – ‘Faith Why?’ and the official Trailer for the Verdant Hills Minifilms Festival, Oct. 2006. During this festival, 2 shots edited by Assoua Achille recieved awards as “Best Short Film” and “2nd Best Short” while Assoua Achille Brice was awarded “Best Editor”. He worked the same year on 3 Musical Videos for Cameroon artists – SparX and  Sley.

Furthermore, 2 short films edited by Assoua won awards at the FAKO FILM FESTIVAL 2008 as “Best Film and Best Film by Jury”.

He was invited into the Nigerian Nollywood industry to edit a movie entitled “BRAND NEW” featuring Nigerian movie stars like Zack Orji and Norbert Young. A movie produced by Charity C. Okorie and Directed by B.T. Thomas. He was later on selected for the BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS, Berlin – Germany in the same year (Feb 2008) and Later in July, He was selected for the DURBAN TALENT CAMPUS, South Africa. Early in 2009, Assoua Achille was re-selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus and was accredited as festival guest. He is a successful applicant for a grant with Akademie Schloss Solitude Program.

He just finished another feature with Dir. Kamwa Anthony entitled “A WOMAN’s WORLD”. He was the main editor and the assistant director. A movie to be premiered soon. Meanwhile, He is looking forward to Directing his first Short / Feature.

Enjoy some of his projects!!!

Retribution trailer directed by Rene Tabot and edited by Achille

Still be mine by Kelly B ft Binniray J Edited by Achille

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