May 29, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Individually they are just three fellows but when they come together musically  they become the musical sensation called X Maleya. Since they burst unto the scene, the guys have been marching from victory unto victories. The artistic clout they have gathered has seen them doing duets with heavyweights like Passi, Pit Baccardi and Patience Dabany. Their new situation thus begs the question: are they Cameroon’s supreme  boy-band? Yes,they are. Their recent album “Tous Ensemble”  only underscored their boy-band power. After their November -12 concert at the Yaounde Sports Complex, any doubts about them  deserving this accolade were dispelled. Their performances exuded unparalleled maturity and professionalism with beautifully-choreographed moves and swag. In the Cameroonian -music scene which has been accustomed to mixed groups of people prancing haphazardly on stage, they seem poised to win the title of  first Cameroonian boy-band. They have what it takes ;the moves ,the looks and the hits. Furthermore,their ever-growing  legion of female fans is an indicator of their boy-band potential and steady transformation into sex symbols. Their hit-making habit   has catapulted their fame beyond national frontiers and placed them in the country’s select club of crowd- pulling artists alongside greats like Petit -Pays. If all this isn’t  supreme boy-band stuff then I don’t know what it is. However,their next challenge will be to confirm and consolidate their new-found fame.