March 1, 2024

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Who will sing Cameroon's international hit song?

notesConstant and persistent witness to wide media coverage of the rise and rise of Nigerian, Ghanian and other entertainment makes some Cameroonians jealous and wonder when will we join this fast-moving train of African entertainment. Let”s admit it, on international platforms for African entertainment we are absent; Big

brother, Africa Magic and the list is long. If it is any consolation,this situation is not due to a dearth of talent from Cameroon. So this state of things has got some wondering, who will sing Cameroon”s international hit song? Which Cameroonian artist will author the song that will put us on the map of African entertainment? The song that will be played from Cape Town to Accra to Lagos and Nairobi. Who will sing that song? While you rummage through your minds for an answer, permit me interject. The Cameroonian singer who will accomplish this fit is he/she who will understand that music today is not a hobby or a game. It is a product and if you want to be successful, you must deliver the best of what the public -consumers- want. All those who do not have fans in mind when making music  should pack and go home. This is no country for snubs. Those who do not know they are entertainers and must put up a good show should change their line of work. Entertainment today is not a hobby. Capiche?