April 22, 2024

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The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon who had already lost hopes of qualification to the next round of 16 yesterday played against The Netherlands who had already qualified top of group B:This match was very expedient for the Lions to maintain their honour,pride and dignity as a football powerhouse in Africa but this bid ended in jeopardy as they lost to Holland by 2-1 finishing last in the pool with 0 point.This is the first time in the history of the World cup the team is backing home with no point.
The Indomitable Lions have never before lost their first game and has never been eliminated after two games. The Lions of 1994 were better than this year.
The Cameroon team had a good possesion of the ball and tactically up to task but failed to make the difference as the defence still remained a major problem.
Emana and Webo who were massively criticised during the game against Denmark were out of the pitch.
Alex Song who played against Denmark was absent during this match due to medical reasons according to the coach.He was substituted by Chedjou.
This young player had not featured in this team since the African Cup of Nations in Angola in January. Chedjou made a good start with a shot on target that was picked up by the Dutch keeper Maarten Stekelenburg and made valuable moves in the mid field.

In the nineteenth minute, Robin Van Persie, gets an opportunity after a poor placement of the Cameroon defense. Another attempt by Rafael Van Der Vaart was stopped by the Cameroon goalkeeper in the 25th minute. Less brilliant during the last match, Makoun was very active near the penalty area and enterprising too.

Van Persie, not well marked by the Cameroon defence opened the scoring in the 36th, a kick of the ball that journeys between the legs of Soulemanou.

Paul Le Guen leaves his reservation to the 56th minute. Abubakar Vincent replaced Gaetan Bong. The entry of young Coton Sport player restored freshness in the offensive compartment.
After a free kick by Njitap which led to a handball, a penalty was accorded , transformed by Samuel Eto’o making it 1-1.
The nightmare came at the 83rd minute. Aryan Robben launched a shot which hit the right post for a rebounce that enabled Klaas Jan Huntelar to score the second goal for his team.


Mohamadou Idrissou, indomitable Lions striker, the darling of the French coach had this to say;

“I’m here to tell the truth because we have not come here to walk around. There are some who think we’re here for a holiday. People were wrong. We made all the necessary preparation for the World cup but at no time did we have permanent starting team to play the World Cup. All the teams we have faced have a permanent starting squad.We played friendly matches with different players. We arrived in South Africa and this continued. Two days before the first game, the coach could not find a team that should start.
Two hours to the game, he calls us to communicate the starting 11. A starting 11 who have not even played together during training… Every two days, we have the meetings, the minister breaks our heads. We’re not here for politics, it is football.

Achille Emana, the Lions midfielder was left on the bench for the match against Holland talks against le Guen.

“We are the only team that has in three games used twenty players . We can not build a team with kids. If you look at Holland, they were qualified but kept the same team for the third game. I can not go with Paul Le Guen as coach of the Lions because I can not enter a team where a coach substitutes you without telling you why, without looking at you in the face and giving you an explanation. The same rigor that he brought to the beginning, we did not feel afterwards. I think the whole problem started at the African Cup where we played with 21 players … It is easy to blame the players. It has been four friendly matches, we have not won a single because it was not the same team. ”

Eto’o protects Le Guen

Faced with criticism Captain Samuel Eto’o protects his coach:
“We are all responsible. It would be easy to say that the fault lies with the coach. I think the players are equally responsible as well as the coach. We are all in the same boat. Do not look for scapegoats, even if it’s easier to blame a coach than the twenty three players. Paul has done good things, maybe if he had not come we would not even be in the World Cup, think about it and not put the blame on one person. I enjoyed working with him “.