June 16, 2024

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12 ”fortune tellers’ taken to South Africa to guarantee Semi-finals for the Lions

There are several names attributed to this ; Jabu, otomokwo,boloh, marabou, black magic and more.
The Cameroon delegation had 12 fetish men to ensure that Cameroon qualifies for the Semi Finals of the World Cup.
God did not allow this to happen.When Cameroonians are pining in abject pernury, this is how the state budget is squandered.
The misadventures of the marabous expected to bring success and happiness to the Indomitable Lions for the 19th World Cup football began after the defeat against Denmark. Since some hope was still possible after thawing against Japan, they were not worried.

After the defeat of the Lions against Denmark, the marabous were sent to pack their bags and prepare to leave Durban immediately.

We recall that a great public blessing ceremony was held in Yaounde for the Indomitable Lions bring home the trophy in the capital of Cameroon on the evening of July 11. Patriarchs, clergymen and other traditional practitioners had participated alongside the farewell match that took place on June 8th .
You cannot merge darkness and light.