April 21, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Nexdim:Hey,how are you doing?

Galaxy J One:’Oh boy i dey fine oh”

Nexdim:We have been hyping the Cameroon Hip Hop Festival on this platform.How was this concept nursed?

Galaxy J One: ”We got inspired from the fact that the Cameroon Hip Hop industry was not properly represented.So we took the responsibility to shine our light through the Mama Street Credibility Networks on Cameroon’s world class Hip hop talents and world performers”.

Nexdim:When did you initiate this concept?

Galaxy J One:”It’s been a burning desire  for about 3 years now.Finally the opportunity came knocking at the door of my heart.I could not ignore the swagger and zeal i saw in my fellow Cameroonian MCs”.

Nexdim:We learned of the show and we’ve been hyping the show on this platform.How did it go?

Galaxy J One:I can say it was a great success despite the heavy downpour.Thank God.We succeeded as far as the objective part of it is concerned which was to bring Cameroon’s best talents (like Zionside, Steveslil,Witty Minstrel,Big Mich,just to name a few) together to perform on a same stage including street dancing crews all over the country.The reaction from the inquisitive crowd was so uplifting.This was the first day of Cameroonian Hip hop.The second the will be ”thunder”  i promise”.

Nexdim:Rumours have it that the show was jeopardised by some guys.Can you tell us about that and mention names?

Galaxy J One:”Yes of course.You know in this industry we always have ”bad belle people”.The goal of this unique festival was to unite but some jealous fellows made it their duty to constantly frustrate the project with strife,calumny and sedition forgetting that ”who Jah bless no one can curse’‘.I treat my distractors  like my ailing children.Kiss them,hug them even when they point guns and throw stones at me”.

Nexdim:You mean you did not use your muscles?lol.Because taking a look at your album cover you look like a wrestler.

Galaxy J One:”My physical demeanour is to attract beautiful girls.Thank God i have succeeded in that.(he screams ”mama street”) .Fighting?? naaaa,naa ,naaa.I just can’t go so low”

Nexdim:Why do you  kiss and hug your distractors rather than challenge them?

Galaxy J One:”most definitely coz i liken my project to a glass house,as a God fearing showbizz entrepreneur,my war weapons are rather loving and tender”.

Nexdim:Can you give us some names?

Galaxy J One:The main stirrer was no other than  Mabel of BAAM and some other stake holders i will not like to mention here.

Mabel of BAAM
Mabel of BAAM

Nexdim: What did she do?

Galaxy J One:”She distracted not only the media but a host of internationally recognized artists who were supposed to perform at this event.Wasting her airtime credit .Little does she know that i am the one God chose.So the whole Cameroonian Hip hop industry is blessed through me.My name is Galaxy J One” I possess a God-given aura( i don’t make love to girls anyhow).So when i talk everybody listens.That’s what is  street credibility is all about”.

Nexdim:Of course.We acknowledge your  charismatic personality.

Nexdim:We also learned some corporate companies gave a hand to this project,how did that happened ?

Galaxy J One:”It’s not too late for corporate Cameroonian companies to start believing and investing in our urban culture.Mama Street Credibility is so grateful to BICEC Bank Cameroon for believing and sponsoring the festival.I must testify this delightful act added color to the event”.

Nexdim:Was that an opportunity for them to do big time publicity to the youthful and determined crowd ?

Galaxy J One:”Of  course.Talking to 10.000 people at a blow about a wide range of their offers and products is no small business.You know when you have the youths,you have the people”.

Nexdim:So Mr.Galaxy.What’s next on your agenda?

Galaxy J One:”By the end of this year,Mama Street Credibility Networks will present the first edition of the Cameroon Hip Hop Awards 2010.I will like to seize this opportunity to invite stake-holders,the government,urban musicians  to be a part of this historic event.N’Shala ‘God willing” am still in Cameroon coz i’ll be touring around Africa with MSC this year”.

Nexdim:What is your relationship with other event organisers around Cameroon?I know of Mosaique,Sprite,Couleurs Urbaine,CY Entertainment etc.

Galaxy J One:”I got my experience working with most of these establishments you just mentioned.So i know their strengths  and weaknesses.That’s why i came with Mama Street Credibility to contribute something new and different to what they have already succeeded in building.Long live the Cameroonian urban culture”

Nexdim:We’ll like to hear you talk about your Show ”Mama Street Credibility” sometime soon.That could be inspiring to Cameroonians.Thanks for having you on www.nexdimempire.com

Galaxy J One:You are welcome.The pleasure is sincerely mine.

Contact Galaxy: galaxyj1@yahoo.com