April 22, 2024

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T’mah : KONVICT MUZIK’s Senior Vice President of A&R

As Konvict Musik’s Senior Vice President of A&R, Fotemah Mba a.k.a  “T’mah”, is the living proof that America truly is the land of opportunity. Although he has always dreamed big, as an immigrant, he never imagined he’d be working alongside the top artists in the world and conducting business amongst the music industry’s most prominent executives. Currently standing as the Senior Vice President of Konvict Muzik, Buvision, and Konlive, the young West African Native still has his mind on greater things to come. Although T’mah’s story begins in Cameroon, West Africa, the book of his life and travels is much thicker than that. The son of a distinguished educator and diplomat he spent most of his young life traveling the world.

T’mah was exposed to the cultures of such places as Algeria, Belgium & the United States; for this reason is a fluent speaker of four different languages. Even as a youngster he had an ear for music and was energized by the diverse sounds made known to him through his travels. T’mah was fortunate to have gained an appreciation for all types of music which includes but is not limited to Zouk, Makossa, Hip Hop, Ndobolo, house, reggae and pop. However being exposed to music wasn’t enough, he dreamed to be a part of the music and knew that this dream would be reality.

T’mah moved back to the United States at the age of 14. He maintained the life of any regular scholar graduating from Riverdale High School and going on to receive his bachelor’s in business marketing from Colorado Technical University and associates in Computer Science from Atlanta Metropolitan College. In the midst of his secondary education he was honing his skills as a writer and producer. It wasn’t until 1994 when he was introduced to “Akon” that he realized there was much more to music, there was a business and that was where he found his true niche. T’mah went on to take part in many of the projects that have changed the music industry as we know it today. He has been recognized along with Christoper Young for the discovery of Sean Garret & “We The Best” recording artist Jarvis. He played a major role in the early career of Johnta Austin and is still key in projects such as Akon, Cyhi Da Prince, Audio (formerlyB5) Lil Niqo.

T’mah plays the bridge between the industries best and moguls, A-kon, Bu Thiam (VP of Def Jam), and the duly noted Devyne Stephens. He is slated by the industries best to be “next-up.” And with those blessings he still has dreams to head a production/management company and also establish his own successful record label. Tmah lives to inspire and mentor the upcoming young execs in the music business. Being in fear of deportation most of his life, T’mah continued to pursue his dreams of being in the music business now as a citizen of the United States and thriving mogul he owes all of his current success, friendships, and blessings to only God.

Follow his interview on Vox AFRICA http://www.voxafrica.co.uk/vod/videos/&v=0_16r5z02b&p=0_0swhvd1d?PHPSESSID=185c83ac80b998b0b09595d777df9393