June 15, 2024

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Atem Valentine : ”Tiko United magic-man”

Born on August 26th 1978, Atem Valentine Fondongbeze has played for  several clubs in Cameroon before traveling out to monetize his talent . He started his career in Olympic of  Muyuka before wearing the  Victoria Shooting Stars jersey .Valentine Atem  played in two first division clubs ; Kumbo Strikers and Mount Cameroon before leaving the country to try the professional adventure.
In 2003 , he landed in Ghana where he spent three years in the colors of Ashanti Gold SC. Ghanaians  offered him an opportunity to play for their national team but the young Cameroonian  declined the offer.
In 2007, he joined the German club, Eintracht Braunschweig. Two other German clubs eventually benefited from the services of Cameroon like  SV Wehen and MSV Duisburg.
Last year, the attacker  left the Bundesliga to Azerbaijan where he joined the ranks of Neftchi Baku PFC. After an injury in the league, the club refused to care for him. He decided to heal himself at his own expense in Germany before returning home to brace up his career with Tiko United .
During this season, he scored a minimum of 18 goals and  perhaps has attracted the attention of national team coach , Javier Clemente. It should be noted that Winfried Schafer had already convened him in  2001 while he played for Mount Cameroon.