July 12, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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The award-winning movie “Damaru”  keeps exhaling putrid air as the executive producer and writer  Ngwane Hansel and director Agbor Obed remain unsettled. 

 The movie has streamed on international TV channels without the consent of Ngwane Hansel and shall be screened during the launching of a shopping mall in Buea  this December still without his notice. The actor and writer  Ngwane Hansel took to Facebook to decry this flagrant abuse and severely warns that the movie shall not be screened on that day ;

My continuous silence and tolerance about this “Damaru movie” saga should not be taken as a sign of weakness.
After numerous unsuccessful attempts to level the playing field, it looks like YOU (you know yourself) want to take my hard work for granted. I have turned a blind eye on many occasions when YOU took upon yourself to accrue profits from my sweat and the sweat of others involved in this movie. No more.
I was taken aback when I saw this post online. Such a sham you are. We are watching you.
In this light, the movie Damaru will NOT be screened at this event. Any violation will be met with prosecution. Thanks.”