May 22, 2024

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STANLEY ENOW: ”I’ve always supported Cameroon Hip Hop movement ”

A Rapper, Animator and showbiz personality, Stanley ENOW is part of the new generation of  the hip hop movement  in Cameroon. He has  distinguished himself by his bilingualism and his perfect mastery of the business . Having a  Bachelor in Communication , he is the CEO of  BLU ‘INK . He has skillfully presented the 10th edition of kamerhiphop show  ,the fifth edition of Mboa Hip Hop Awards organised by BLAXITY  and many more events. 

Hello Stanley ENOW. A rapper, impresario, showbiz  personality… in a few words, how do you present yourself?

Wats good Idy. Well said .  I’m a young Cameroonian rapper, radio and TV Presenter, professional voice actor and showman who has been working for Cameroonian hip hop and the Kamer urban culture  for quite some time.

How did you get into the world of communication?

Well, I started with break-dancing in form one at Government bilingual High School , Bafoussam . A year after, I penned my first  rap lyrics with the help of  Mc Nas Zao.Some  months later, I did my first recording at studio Lestacom on a DMX instrumental. Two years later, I performed on a show dubbed  ‘Groove’  presented by top animator , Serge Pouth who was newly assigned to CRTV Pouala Fm. After my flow, he told me that I have a great voice and I connected me with one of the most famous hip hop host in Douala Nabil4real. He introduced me to an  academic  radio show . Impressed by my performance, the   Deputy Station manager ,Leonard Chatelin assigned me for  a show ‘Cocktail Hit Parade’ on Saturday nights. 2 months after, I was substituted by new journalists  from ESSTIC. I was however solicited by several private radio stations where I worked as an animator and director.

Was it your dream to become a radio host and TV?

Initially, I wanted  nothing but becoming  a rap superstar , but as the God of heaven desposes, he sent me one of these angels Serge Pouth who discovered a talent in me as a presenter which I fully embraced. I would say that I live my dream because I am doing what I always dreamed of. It is not given. Praise God, special thanks Serge Pouth.

Why have you kept your real name instead of a nickname like some?

Initially I had a multitude of  pseudos like  Sun City, Lil Es-tee ,Da foxy but as I started presenting a show “Still breeze” on Rut fm Bafoussam in 2005 , I adopted my first name Stanley. It happened that in  2008 ,I discovered  there is sugar around originality and it is with the help of  the very original Tony Nobody that I added Enow.

Many knew you in Mboa Team / Blaxity, how did you meet with Tony Nobody?

 I re-emphasize the phrase “angel from heaven” because it’s the same miraculous Serge Pouth who discovered the talent in me, inspired me,equally made me get in contact with my mentor,  Tony. After working with Star De Demain  as host , I decided to move to the French Cultural center in Douala where I found  Tony ,Serge Pouth and Valsero shooting. Serge told Tony I quote “this is one of the best of Bafoussam, take him and give him a hand.” Two days after I started doing the news on Mboa.

The fifth edition of Mboa Hip Hop Awards will be held in November, in a nutshell how are you  preparing for  the event?

The awards ceremony which is on its 5th edition after the sixth year of the program is gearing up very seriously and sensitively. The team Blaxity-Yaoundé is under the sun to collect project data . After the work is done by the Nominating Committee, being one of the reliable partners of Kamer Hiphop will have a premiere of the list of nominated artists.

What are the innovations?

This year Blaxity provides a round table with the major players in Cameroon  Hip Hop, to discuss problems faced. The Awards this year will involve Anglophone artists and then there will be a big after-party.

What are the criteria to nominate the artists? Isn’t  there favoritism?

For 5 years now Blaxity , collects, analyses and nominates worthy  projects. We try as much as can be done to refine the concept to reward those who work really. Have you ever noticed that we do favoritism?

You have presented the 10th edition of kamerhiphop show, how were you received by the public in Yaounde? And how did you find the show?
 Kamerhiphop show is an event I have always supported since its inception even without knowing neither Idy, you nor anyone of Kamerhiphop . I was tired of supporting the cause from a distance  so I had the opportunity to support this concept live.For the YDE public it’s not the first time they awe me with their love .I have also witnessed this euphoria at the show with Soprano at the Sports COMPLEX and  Mboa Come test. The show was successful and religiously I want to thank Kamerhiphop and the YDE public. Hope you see them again in the next end of year edition 2011 where I would officially be the  Guest Showman.

You are responsible for the structure BLU ‘INK, can you briefly introduce the structure? What is the purpose and what are the goals you want to achieve?

As holder of a Bachelor of Communication of Organizations, I created BLU ‘INK to govern my activities purely corporate and communicative. I am a translator, among other things  (Francais-French, Pidgin, and other languages) and it is in this structure that I do the quota of my personal activities. It also aims to undertake in the cultural activities, which is why it will in the near future a branch of  Blaxity because I’m learning  from the Father.

How do you judge the quality of Camer hip hop as a man of Media?

As a man of the media Cameroon Hip hop had  its boom. The old entities such as: Mapane records, Zomloa Recordz DJ Bilik, Magma merger, Big B-zy, Umar CVM, CTM, Lady B, Redzone, Racyn, X-Maleya, C-minaire, Protector, Malekumfu, Ak sang Grave ,Ultimatum, Star system, Tony Nobody, Negrissim, Bantu posi and so on have already sacrificed everything to give life to our Hip-hop. This is why some young players in the game have been blessed to exhibit  quality.

In your opinion what are the weaknesses in this movement?

“We think we are already accomplished, having been cheered by their entourage, they still rap for heir peers, we are too influenced by the outside,  do not respect elders …” learn to become products rather than simple musicians or better still make a career and not poor projects.

What are your immediate plans?

Currently working on High quality Cameroon Hip Hop radio/ shows , that meet international standards with the official “La cite of art” (Blaxity) with the goal  of giving a different tone to Hip-hop Kamer. Meanwhile I am slowly recording  my album to be released one day, one day.

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