May 29, 2024

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SPORTS: Inter Milan vs Tottenham : 4-3, thanks to Eto’o

Despite the racist attacks suffered by Eto’o  in Italy when Inter Milan faced Cagliari last weekend, the Cameroonian forward has been  unstoppable. He scored twice yesterday in their 4-3 lead over Tottenham Hotspur at the UEFA Champions League.

Gareth Bale’s brilliant hat-trick was in vain.

“He did well and has a lot of confidence,” Benitez said of Eto’o. “The team is also playing well for him and this is always good for a striker. I hope he keeps playing well for us, so we can keep winning games.

“Eto’o can score a lot, he has a strong mentality and if the team keeps playing well alongside him I think he can score more than 30, like he said at the start of the season.”

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