May 20, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Renegade Lion Assou-Ekotto returns to the den

AssouEkotto_2818257As the countdown to the Saturday clash continues,die-hard fans of the Indomitable Lions have received fodder for neighbourhood banter.

Outspoken and talented Tottenhamn Hotspur defender Assou-Ekotto has returned to the Lions” den, ending his divorce with the team. The player landed in Cameroon yesterday and belched a patriotic tune for the press. He said  Cameroon was his country and he”ll always defend the national colours problems irrespective. While we can be happy with an increment in the pool of players for the team, we cannot help but wonder whether the problems that inspired his departure have been solved. What ever the case, let”s hope the head coach can conjure  a winning team out of this potpourri of able ambitious youngsters, experienced bench warmers, some fit guys, old bones and “paranoid” prodigies at the twilight of their careers. “Bonne chance, Les Lions”.