April 21, 2024

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Disappointing Lions set for start of WorldCup quest Saturday

lionsAfter serving its fans and sympathizers a consistent offering of disappointments in recent times, the (In)domitable Lions of Cameroon are poised to rediscover victory or sink even deeper into defeat when they meet with the Sparrows of Togo on Saturday March 23 2013. As the players prepare for the encounter, it is interesting to note that the tea cup storms that arose after the disappointing trend of failure to qualify for the last AFCON, defeat to Tanzania in a friendly and calls for Iya”s fall from the throne have

died down. Once again, the whole country”s attention has been tilted – not set- in the direction of Brazil 2014 and the mouth -dropping prospect  of  some millions  in case the Lions qualify and make it beyond the first round. Is there anything wrong with this as motivation? No. But the issue is: what has become of the problems that were brought to the fore after the disappointments? Have there been resolved or will the money resolve them? Wait ,we know the answer, the problems are still there and we are going to let them be in the hope that qualification for Brazil 2014 and the possible ensuing cash flow make them just go away. Too bad.