May 22, 2024

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Public manifestation by Cameroonian artists against the impending P Square concert

Cameroonian artists  under the canopy of Syndicat Camerounais de musicien (SYCAMU) have aired out their grievances against the mobile network service provider MTN for paying  huge amounts of money to foreign artists to perform meanwhile Cameroonian artists wallow in abject pernury, often humbled to receive meagre sums of money for concerts. They consider this a typical evidence of  capital flight which contradicts the 8th May 2012 communique  . SYCAMU president, Romeo Dika vented his dissatisfaction saying it is absolutely unfair for a mobile network company to pay 200 or 300 million CFA to foreign artists and can’t pay such sums to local artists. The union is therefore planning a public manisfestation against MTN  on May 18th , the date scheduled for the P SQUARE concert. Concertation meetings are ongoing with the Minister of Arts and Culture ,Ama Tutu Muna and the authority incharged of copyrights SOCAM. Remember it’s not been long the same union fired a bullet  on MTN for involvement in piracy.