April 25, 2024

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Gael Etock: Another soccer prospect made in Cameroon

As an ever-rich pool of footballing talent, Cameroon can’t stop producing tomorrow’s football sensations. The latest in line is called Gael Etock Junior. Born in 1993, the 18 year old is being touted  as the next Eto’o. At the tender age of 12,the youngster joined F.C Barcelona‘s reputed youth academy “La Masia” in 2006 from  Fundesport. Hardly did arrive that his performances with Barcelona’s youth teams drew comparisons with his illustrious Cameroonian counterpart Eto’o. He later signed with English giants Chelsea who immediately loaned him to Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon so he could sharpen his skills. Although,it is has been reported that the player has made that move permanent, his talent as a striker to reckon with are not in doubt. One can only hope that his talent matures well so that one he can be the lion leading our lions to glory.