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Kelvin Ngwang a.k.a ”MacKelly” Shepngong is a Cameroonian hip hop sensation, with origins from the ”Grassfields”,  North West Region of Cameroon. He is a songwriter, rapper, singer, producer, graphic designer. He describes his genre of music as Afro-acoustic Hip Hop.

Mac Kelly is a laureate of the 2004 Inter-University Brains Trust Award representing the University of Dschang. One of the peculiarities of this ”Grassfield” hip hop artist is his intuitive blend of the western hip hop culture and the ”Gra-ffi”  culture.

MacKelly developed penchant for music at the tender age of 13 , mainly influenced by old school acts like MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Kriss Kross, LL Cool J, Milli Vanilli, Naughty by nature, Coolio…… Everything about him was inclined to hip hop music but the story changed in 2005 while he was still at the University of Dschang.

MacKelly along side Da MJ and Young Skyd debuted as Fakulty Crew and recorded ”streets keep calling’‘ which is a song with a message to encourage the youth struggle to succeed in life. The group always made a remarkable impact during their performances  at cultural nights.The crew  split due to engagements in different localities.

MacKelly came to ”Abakwa” (Bamenda) in 2007 and with the support from talented young artists like Leadsman, Beryl Bright and Emune, he released his debut studio album in 2008 entitled ”Maculture’‘ .His debut enjoyed enormous media attention and support as most of the songs were played on the community radios due to the alluring messages he cut across in his songs.

The most influential songs on the album are ”Maculture”, ”where am from” , ”streets keep calling” ,” save the children” , ”moments of reflection”  & ”new world”. The album themes were centered on Culture, Patriotism & Humanity.

In September 2010, MacKelly collaborated with Leadsman, Fusi, Shally C & Dry to produce ”Green red yellow ” which is a remix of ”where am from”. The song has received massive circulation on CRTV national station due to its patriotic influence.

The conception of his debut video release (Maculture is my culture) was laid down since 2008 and many ideas were brought in. In 2009, the shooting of the videos started and editing started in January 2010 and was submitted for reviews and continuously improved upon. The last two videos – ‘‘green red yellow ‘‘ (which carries the 50th Anniversary logo of Cameroon independence and reunification  and a brief history of Cameroon) and ”dance n scream” were shot and edited between September and October 2010 (exactly one year after the first series of shot)

The videos are presently available in stores in Bamenda pending the official album release.

”Maculture’‘  compilation comprises  7 video tracks that were selected and produced to promote the culture of the ”Grassfield” of Cameroon, encourage patriotism and raise humanitarian awareness. The song titles are ”maculture, green red yellow, dance n scream, streets keep calling, where am from, save the children and what’s going on.

Recently, he recorded a new song entitled ”Thank you Mr President” , as a sign of appreciation to the President of Cameroon and first lady. The song is a single released to promote his second album (KKO – Kulturally Krossed Out), which is going to be released before the end of 2011 .

His recordings are produced under Maculture Home Entertainment.

Apart from music, Mackelly derives much fun assisting Non-Governmental Organizations.

Green Red Yellow [audio:http://nexdimempire.com/wp-content/uploads/MacKelly-Shepngong-ft.-Shally-C-Fusi-Leadsman-Dry-Green-red-yellow.mp3]


Email:  mackellymuzic@gmail.com.

Web link: www.facebook.com/mackelly.shepngong

www. camerborn.com/Mackelly Shepngong)