May 28, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Polemic:Fighting to name the Cameroonian film “industry”.

Let’s get one thing straight right away:in a social-cultural setting like ours where art has been left  to its own devices, every work of art ,no matter its level of mediocrity, deserves praise for the effort. However,we cannot always blame the lack of support for the low-quality of our films because some countries share our fate but produce far better films. Now, let’s come to the crux of our matter here. It is always interesting to hear people trying to label the “Cameroonian film industry” -although it is still to be proven whether we even have a film joint,not to talk of sector or ,indulge my temerity, industry. With this fallacy in mind,some persons have tried and keep trying to convince the Cameroonian public that our filmmaking culture should be labelled Collywood while some  prefer Camwood. This forking visions have even provoked hard feelings amongst the major proponents of each school of thought(or should we say film). This name war should push one to wonder if the name is any significant? Aren’t they missing the point and won’t they be doing more good for the “industry” by making good films rather than trying to look for a name. The fuss about naming the film making activity in Cameroon is another manifestation of the bad copycat instincts of some. Since we have Hollywood, Bollywoood and woh Nollywood next door, there must be Collywood or Camwood. Unfortunately for these  name addicts, bearing the  wood suffix  doesn’t enrich  the film making culture in any way. South Africa is the new film making hub in Africa but we don’t here of Sallywood. This mad desire to name the Cameroonian film making culture seems like the worry of some attention-deficient videographers . By the way,when they say Collywood or Camwood are they talking about filmmaking in the entire country or just in the English speaking parts? The best name we can  give our “industry” is good films. What do you think?