April 12, 2024

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Cristy Sweet: New lady on the block

The Cameroonian music scene has  a new diva in the person of  Cristy Sweet born Ndomo Cristelle. After having flirted with hip  hop groups like Natural D.C and danced for heavy weights like K-Tino , the red-haired artist decided to go solo and recently  released her debut album containing huge doses of bikutsi, her favourite rhythm, and hints of  hip-hop , meringue,etc. In the overcrowded Cameroonian music arena, this lady formerly known as Cristy D.C stands out not only by her hair style but also by her intensity. Although she can be considered another quintessential bikutsi artist – i.e who can’t sing without refering to “man and woman” palaver, one kind of falls in love with her style – she uses imagery from popular cartoon characters to sing about what she sings about. Get a listen for yourself, you’ll surely love it.