April 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Planete Star Video Music Awards- 1st edition on March 14

CRTV ‘s flagship  music programme Planete Star has reached a new dimension this year. It is now going to have an award componentPlanete Star Video Music Awards. The first edition of the Alain Dexter -anchored T.V broadcast will take place at the now famous Safari Club in Yaounde. It will be hosted by Alex Dexter and Master Ivo– both CRTV anchors. They are 28 awards to be won. It is worthnoting that this new award is unique because it endeavours to include more actors in the industry like promoters, producers and D.J. However, it can equally be considered banal because it has too many categories and perpetuates the dominance of some rythmns over others. There are ,for example, categories like best bikutsi male and female artists but no such sub categories for folklore musicians. By the way, what do they mean by folklore? Aren’t makossa and bikutsi all indigenous Cameroonian rythmns and thus folklore. If the organisers want to be logical they should include a category for bendskin, njang and others. Award show organisers should take note. When there is a category for ragga/reggae artist one wonders how many ragga/reggae artists are there in Cameroon whether Afua Akom can be considered a ragga/reggae artist if in a 10 track album he uses reggae on one track. Just asking?