May 25, 2024

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P Brodaz: The Buzz

PBRODaz official

American based Pbrodaz is a Cameroonian duo with a love for Afrobeat that shows through in their music. The brothers, aka Flexy and Dexzy, moved to the United States a few years ago and have moved full speed ahead with their music.  They recently released a fast breaking hit called, ‘Do it your way‘, that blew up virally to give them over 100,000 views in a week.  The uplifting song gets you moving as the brothers sing about doing your best and persevering through the hard times. Their album, ‘Do it Your Way‘ was released a few weeks ago in  December.

P Brodaz have recently paid a first official visit to Cameroon as artists, just to make their presence felt in the country as it is in the US where they are based. They have some of their songs already playing on national radios and TVs. they have promised to stage a come-back in the months ahead, in what we could term a ‘premier-sortie’, with concerts in several regions of the country. Kudos!