June 16, 2024

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Nominees for Kumba Awards announced

Nominees for the Kumba Awards have been announced. Below is a full list of the nominees and their various categories. Voting was supposed to start on 4 February, 2013 of course.

Kumba Award










Best Video: West Don, Big G Baba, Da Bofzi, One Rocky

Lady of the Year:  Diony Etnaga – Aablach Inter Models, Ghrelin – Ocean City Radio

Song of the Year: “Cameroon nyango” by West Don, “Eye me” by Da Bofzi, One Rocky

Fashion Artist of the Year: Da Bofzi, West Don, Franck Bebe, One


M.C. of the Year: M.C. Molango

Zani, M.C. Bibi, M.C. General Toxit

Event of the Year: Kumba Trade Fair, West Don Launching, Hollyday Stars, R Up Talents, Vista Inn Awards

Dance Group: Extreme Dance Force, Baracouda, Da Woff, Royal Jungle, Dam Mix Hero

Miss Face of Kumba: Vega, Princess Joy of the Queen, Florence, Falonne

Comedian of the Year: Spacko, Zakari Longmup, M.C. General Toxit