June 17, 2024

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NexDim : Profile – Prince Enobi Micheal

ENOBI PRINCE-MICHAEL is one of Cameroon’s Multi-talented.

Born on the 19 of April 1992, he hails from the South-West Region of Cameroon and resident in Buea. Achieved primary school education in Nguti then moved to Bishop Rogan College Sasse, Buea where he obtained secondary and high school education. |Presently, Prince is a student of the department of Journalism and Mass Communication in the University of Buea, and a diploma student in Management/Marketing too.                                                                                                                   Son to Commissioner Enobi Joseph-Ngwese and Mrs. Christansia Enobi, he is an only boy with four siblings and happens to be the second child of the family. His love for music started at an early age when he was just in form one and had the opportunity to join the accapella group of my Bishop Rogan College. From there, 3 years later he switched to rap because most of his peers at that time were into it and because he actually enjoyed and loved rap. Then by the time he got to high school, he developed love for R n B which pushed him to represent the two musical brands.                            Worth knowing too is the fact that our young and much inspired Enobi Micheal is a prolific writer actor and producer in the Cameroon Film Industry (C.F.I). Since 2006, Prince has been serving as an actor in the C.F.I with films such as ‘The Company’ and ‘Prejudicial Fame’ all accredited to him. He is one of the founding members and P.R.O of  Spring Board Productions, one of the best film production houses in the country now, and Bench Mark Africa, another emerging production house in the south west region where he stands out as the C.E.O. Prince-Michael ENOBI is an award winner of Best Actor of a short film, a film to which he served as script and screenplay writer entitled ‘Deceit’  which had shone as Best Short Film in the Fine Country African Film Festival held recently in Dschang Cameroon. Other scripts in his collection not yet consumed include ‘Bande de Treize’, ‘Strangers’, ‘Royal Rumble’ and ‘The Re-Awakening’ (horror). Author of the paper: ‘Partial view at -Decoding the problems of the Cameroon film Industry’ and founder and initiator of the policy: ‘Coming from the opposite direction’ amongst others. Some of his recent activities as one who is into singing, music video directing and producing include his being the host for several events and shows such as ‘Friday Nights Out’ which is still coming up soon. Also he serves as a reporter for Chariot FM (93.5), Chariot Newspaper, Divine Mercy Radio and Television Service (DMRTVS), The Herald Magazine of Bishop Rogan College, a resource person for Varsity Vibes Magazine University of Buea.                                                                                                                                         As hobbies our prince loves listening to music, watching and talking movies, browsing, driving, travelling and making new friends hanging out with them.

For more on Prince go to face book;                                                                                                  prince mykel enobi, cameroon film industry, friday nights out

And visit www.princeenobi.wordpress.com