July 21, 2024

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ExKluzif: DAMIEN BLUE – ”Angale”.

Damien Blue is a new Cameroonian Afro Hip Hop, pop  sensation who has not been profiled here before. He is currently signed to Chillen Muzic Entertainment . I was submerged in admiration when I listened to excerpts of  Damien Blue’s forthcoming album. There is no doubt that his sublime voice, charisma, originality and energy will sweep you off.  Here is a new single titled ”ANGALE” . The video was directed by  Nkwain Chiambah . NexDim commends your talent !



NYUYSE DAMIEN SENYUY  a.k.a Damien Blue was born in 1986 in the community of Wum in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. As a child Nyuyse was not found on the farm as other children but in the forest producing toy cars, wooden bicycles, traditional masks and instruments which he saw during cultural festivals made from local materials like tree strands, roots, fiber, bamboo, calabash. At school his artistic skills developed through technical drawing, music interpretation and dancing, which were more of craft and inspiration. While in school, he served an active member of the social club as an instrumentalist. Inspired by the beauty in the traditions of the cultural festivals, he has been creating music and art since 1999. 
In 2005, he joined and played the guitar in a gospel band, while 2006, he joined a famous solo vocal group called the Gospel brothers but quits in 2008 as the lead singer due to displacement. 
Since then he has been writing music, performing vocally and instrumentally in a couple of local music festivals, concerts and the international world music day.
Early 2011, he signed his first recording deal with the famous Chillen Music Entertainment, to do his first single entitled “Angale”. His themes tend to depict traditional cultural awareness, pop culture, environmental concerns and unity. He has enjoyed using his mother tongue and English language to express simplicity, clarity and grounding. He sings abstract, surrealism, realism and his music carry messages about racism, gender inequality, love and unity. He continues to sing upon nature and the beautiful Cameroonian environment for on-going inspiration.
 His 11 track  debut album will soon be officially released by Chillen muzic entertainment.
For his management, bookings, marketing and distribution deals, etc, contact:
Tel: +237 77 29 13 00, +237 97 87 29 76
Email: chillenmuzicentertainment@yahoo.com