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NexDim interview with VISAS MABEL,a young Cameroonian Movie star .

Visas Mabel, Cameroonian actress

NexDim was present at the Cameroon Actor’s Guild cocktail at Hotel Residence Carlos on Sunday 20th 2011. We interviewed young Cameroonian actress , Visas Mabel.

Hi Mabel. How are you ?

Mabel: Fine. Thank you.

Briefly introduce yourself ?

Visas Mabel is a 22-year-old  actress . I hail from Babanki/Bali, North West Cameroon. I come from a large family and our great garnd father had the wisdom to call his children VISAS, thus our lovely family name. I am a product of the University of Buea , studied Banking and Finance and presently enrolled at the Institute of Management andd Financial Accounting (IMFA).

Why did you indulge into acting as a career?

Mabel:My talent is God’s gift to me and I don’t intend to take it and bury into the ground .My love and passion for acting frist, sent me into the film industry. Many Cameroonians (including myself a few years ago) laugh at the Cameroon Film Industry because it’s not yet up to the standard of Nollywood, and right now CFI is still making their share of mistakes.I took the bold step to get in and be laughed at as well so as to give in my own little contribution to make the Cameroon Film Industry grow, and become an industry to be envied , not mocked at. I love acting , scriptwriting with a passion .

What have you achieved of far as an actress ?

Mabel:I have done two full length movies in Cameroon ”Vanity Fair” produced by Nina Ngassa, directed by Neba Lawrence and also featured in ”Unspoken” produced by Stella Damasus, written and directed by Daniel Ademinokan, still in post-production in Nigeria. I have equally acted a short movie on cancer in Douala produced by Stella Damasus.

What are the challenges you face in the emerging industry?

Mabel:The industry is not supported by Cameroonians as such and not recognised as well.This gets to affect actors. The industry does not get enough (if any) media attention at home, and this affects us the actors as well. Funding is low, exploitation is high and actors are so poorly paid, it is a demotivation. No one wants to commit full time to something which wouldn’t pay their bills. Apart from this, it’s fun all the way. It may be difficult at times but the difficult times are almost over.

What are your dreams?

Mabel:I dream everyday, I dream of being a sensation in the movie industry in Cameroon. I dream of being a house-hold name at home, I dream of pursuing acting as fukll time career, I dream of being internationally recognised , I dream of having my talent recognised and appreciated, I dream at night … I dream during the day… everyday . I dream to become a producer and scriptwriter as well.

Who is your role model ?

Mabel:I admire a lot of people . I’ve alwyas loved Uche Jombo ; her style, her uniqueness, her talent and her self-confidence. I would very much love to be like her one day, and even meet her. Who knows ? I’m always in awe when watching Mercy Johnson because I’ve not seem greater talent. I love her dynamism and the herat-felt way. She does her movies like her life depended on it. I love Stella Damasus for the inspiration and hope she gives me and other Cameroonian actors. I love her committment to help the CFI to gow. Finally , I think my role model is Queen Latifah. Her style is unique, her confidnce is something else and talent is special. I just love to watch her do her thing and I wish to be like her one day or even meet her . Who knows?

Who have you collaborated with so far ?

Mabel:Aside  Stella Damasus and DANIEL from Nigeria, I’ve collaborated with lots of Cameroonian talents like Eka Christa (Not My Will, Unspoken Deceit), Casandra Chambo, Epule Jeffrey, Muma Pascal (Uncle Bob) in Vanity Fair, Prince Michael Enobi (Deceit, The Company etc) , Eleanor Visas (Unsoken, Obsession), Veye Lynette and Ngassa Nina.

As a formidable boost to the Cameroon Film Industry, an actors guild has been established . Can you throw more light on that ?

Mabel:The Cameroon Actors Guild (CAMAG) is a branch under the umbrella of the CFI. CAMAG was created in Tiko and has branches in some regions of Cameroon. The purpose is to bring all Cameroonian actors together under the umbrella of CFI and equally protect the rights of actors from exploitative producers and directors. As a means of bringing people , it holds weekly at Holywood snack bar resto, Bonduma. They also have monthy red-carpet celebrity cocktails involving musicians and stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

What do you think are the good ethics an actor should practice ?

Mabel:Be respectful. It’s unethical for an actor to be disrespectful to his producer or director on or off set. It’s unethical to sleep with his/her producer to get a role in a movie. It is unethical for an actor to start a job and steps down for some reason . There should be mutual respect amongst entertainers. Humility is what actors should possess in overwhelming quantities.

What’s your favourite movie ?

Mabel:Tyler Perry’s ”Why did I get married?”

Your favourite Cameroonian dish ?

Mabel:Fufu corn and khati-khati

Your favourite Cameroonian Artist

Mabel:Am a fan of Adah who sang ”Nyango”

Last words to up and coming actors like you.

Mabel:It’s never easy. It’s never over till it’s over and evn then, it’s still not over. No matter how hard it is from the start , don’t give up. Keep struggling , keep climbing till you get there. There is always space at the top so keep going up, pursue your dream, tell yourself ” I can do this” and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Shoot for the moon , if you don’t reach there, you’ll land amongst the stars. Goodluck and LOL.

It was lovely having you on

Mabel: The pleasure is all mine.