May 26, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

NexDim Empire to be Shut Down Later Today

On Behalf of the team behind NexDim Empire, I would wish to inform the general public that this website will be suspended at exactly 12:00pm GMT due to the following reasons:

– The traffic has grown month over month and our servers cannot contain it, and we cant afford to get more bandwidth and server disk space while we are not yet profitable

– We dont yet have enough sponsors to carry on with this project and we have decided to divert our time and efforts on other ventures

We love this platform and love the users who visit it regularly but we are sorry we would have to shut it down so that we can stop wasting money, time and energy.

If you think you can support in anyway and help ensure that this service doesnt get shut down because its fun to you, please use our contact page and send us a message containing “reply to April Fools prank” along with how you plan to help

thanks for your understanding