July 19, 2024

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NEWS: MAGASCO's ''Kumba Market'' Cover art Revealed.

Magasco“s “Lineloba” was superlatively a stunner .Raving across blogosphere and social media is the anticipation of his follow-up single titled  “”Kumba Market””. In spite of the unprecedented severance of ties with  his former label mate Jovi ,who unexpectedly hatched a new label NEW BELL MUSIC, the North West-born Hip Hop/R&B prodigy, still fidel to the leading label MUMAK is committed to

journey to the pinnacle. “”Kumba Market”” pays homage to one of the busiest markets in Cameroon. Worthnoting, MUMAK is managed by Jules Nya. Talking to the manager yesterday, he sounded positive ;“”I have come to realise a lot. A label is like a football team, players  come and go but fans are still there. I can vouch that there”s always gonna be good music. I just wanna do more music and less controversies . Magasco equally has what it takes to be successful “” . Magasco is a virtuoso, so keep those fingers crossed for the video pending release.