May 30, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


After 5 years of absence, Misse Ngoh is coming forth with a brand new album dubbed ‘’Operation epervier’’ which means ‘’Operation sparrow hawk’’ .In the album he sings about the arrest of authorities who embezzle state funds. He advices the youths about the embezzlement and the flight of capital that plunges the people of Cameroon into abject poverty.It is an album of 10 songs produced by Grand Misse Production (GMP) with hit songs like ‘’Les temps ont changé», «Muna Nyue », «Wei», and «Sengane Mba.He is very versatile. François Missé Ngoh doesnot only do makossa but he is alos into coupe decale,salsa and blues.’’Operation Epervier’’ is the 10th studio album in his affluent musical career which started in 1970.