March 1, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


In a bid to promote the urban hip hop culture and showcase local artists around the South West Region,following a meeting held between media personnels and home based artists at the Mount Cameroon FM conference room in July 2009,many issues were raised on strategies of showcasing and proliferating Cameroonian hip hop music.The programme that was previously aired ”CM GROOVE” was interred leading to the conceptualisation of a new hip hop show dubbed  ”HIP HOP GROOVE”.This programme will be aired daily from 6pm to 7pm from the 7th of September 2009 on 98.5 fm (MCFM).With the wide range of fan base that Mount Cameroon FM has,it is believed that the air time accorded to locally produced hip hop music from South West based artists will bring some acclamation. D SNAPT who is equally an up and coming rapper was declared as the host of this show.We are now set to start savouring good music from prolific Hiphop,RnB, and afro-beat musicians in the lights of BA2M,H-PIEZOH,SLEY,KELLY B,WITTY MINSTREL,STEVESLIL,ACHALLE,DENZYL,JERRY,ZINNIA,SPARX, and others.

A pertinent issue that was raised at the meeting was the quality of production of locally produced music.It is imperative for artists to upgrade their standards of production from audio,graphics on cd cover,song concepts and videos.Artists were called upon to emulate from the neighboring Nigerian Entertainment Industry which is rapidly taking high standards in terms of audio and video quality.’‘we are poised to work hard because Nigeria got were it is today because of hard-work,they started from nothing and evolved to something” said Master Chill of ChillenMuzic talking to NexDim.

Now the pace is set and the curtain raised for our Entertainment industry to have a boost.