July 19, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Lions: The highly-anticipted loss finally happens

  Libya 2- Cameroon 1. This is the score that has once again and unfortunately made the Lions front page news and the topic of every neighbourhood discussion. While some are just offended by the loss, others are greatly offended by the team at whose hands we suffered the defeat: “war-beaten and unstable Libya ”as someone put it. Declarations like these are not only a manifestation of our love for the Lions. They are equally a manifestation of the reason why we lost:  complacency. The way all the stakeholders behave is an indication of this. Players playing as if they had nothing to lose, coaches coaching as if there was nothing to gain from winning and football authorities behaving as if we were the only footballing nation on earth. Unfortunately, we are not the only footballing nation on earth. While we press down the road of disorder and mediocrity, hitherto football lightweights have plunged themselves into hardwork and can now afford to beat us. After the match against Congo-Kinshasa, the writing was on the wall for any one who really wanted to see to see. Personaly, I am one of those  who is not unhappy wih this defeat because we seem to love shock therapy in Cameroon. You can say I can unpatriotic but we must not spare the Lions and spoil the qualification. Hope you catch my drift.