April 22, 2024

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Introducing Yunick J

775866_3752891920064_1296096794_oTexas – USA based YUNICK J. aka Nicolas N Yuniwoh was born in Cameroon into a family of six and spent his early years in the capital Yaounde. He is a singer, rapper and performer of Afro RnB, rap dance music, with a very unique and dynamic singing and rap style. Growing up, his passion for music always had walking around with earphones on, a bag of CDs as well as a book and a pen. Yunick J got his inspiration from  the most prominent positive artists and also from situations, occurrences and conditions surrounding him, which have made him more courageous, passionate and positive singer, of cause he fears God. Yunick J is a steady source of good music, both quality and quantity wise, and he keeps his fans happy by giving them what they need. In fact he has been communing with

at the lowest prices on the market.

fans  all around the world, performing in major concerts across

the USA, Africa and Kamer. Yunick J is present on the social media landscape, follow him into a world of creativity and unique music. YUNICK J saysfeel my passion, feel my love, “come from afar”  unity nah all my kombi their  priority, I love my culture, KAMER is the future”. Listen to one of his musical offerings.

Come from afar