December 9, 2023

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Camer Entertainment House

Introducing Daz'B

daz bDAZ’B aka The DRAMA STAR as he is called is a young multi-talented Cameroonian rising Rnb/new swag singer, a song writer and a music producer .  In the music world he goes by the name DAZ’BELL and when it comes to producing he is known as

Drama star . He is the last of 7. He started music when he was 12 alongside his elder brother called Takubosta at that time, but his brother left the music scene and went into acting. DAZ’B was inspired by his father who was a guitarist and a drummer in those his days and both his two brothers who are presently in to acting and are some of the executive members of Cameroonian Movie industry. During his early secondary school years, he and his closest friends Rugg G and XCJ formed a group called X-LIMIT in 2003. They ran a Hip hop program known as A2Z Vibration. After the group separated in 2005 he went solo. From there he joined a Bamenda-based producing house called BahoodIn 2007 he had one of the best performances during Bahood’s Ballers launching  with a song titled “Candle  Stick” and he has been working alongside and in collaboration  with other artist Like Hood  Fame, Ayze B, Excel, DJ O, E-Mune, Magasco, Kool Boi, etc. In 2009 he went underground to develop his new skills and also for study purposes, while underground he has been featuring with other artist. In 2010 he featured  in Bahood Evolution 2010 All Star song.  From there on he started producing some underground artists and groups like Sony B, S-Fred and presently ZERO . DAZ’B is currently finalising a master’s  in Agronomy. He is also the CEO OF Highlight Entertainment which is poised to emerge  from the underground this 2013 with a new hot swaggise style and song to take Kmer to the next level in the showbiz world. Some of his hit songs are  “A no mine me”, “Wayo baby”  “FIRST LADY ”  and a host of others. He will be dropping his first official video single: “A no fit lie” . It will be followed by his album done by Drama star and other DJs.