March 2, 2024

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EVENT : Douala Hip Hop Festival – December 27-29th 2014

dla-hip-hop-festival dla-hip-hop-festival

Black Mountain Enterprises and Green Grass Association presents a new edition of the  “Douala Hip Hop Festival ” slated to  take place at Stade Priso, Bonapriso – Douala from the 27-29th of December 2015. This edition shall feature the trailblazers of the Cameroonian urban music scene like Krotal and Koppo. The public shall also witness enthralling performances from Killamel, Magasco, Daphne, Maahlox, Djess Panebo, Hobskur, King creole, Gasha, Pol’hanry, Kalbas, Sangoa Mboa, Spido, Mr Sto , Mr Elad,. Guest appearances include Steveslil, Ewube, LOL, Fluri Boyz .  Mic Monsta, Teddy and many more. The initiative is to promote the urban music culture in Cameroon and showcase creativity. Take the RDV!